How to become a Kató Verified Translator

Hi @ambra. It’s 1893919.
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I completed a french to English translation task about a project in Madagascar(about the little sisters). i was away for some time. I would like to get feedback if it is possible, it is very important.

Hello @Samuel , we agree that feedback on the work done is very important. We are working with PMs and partners to make sure this feedback arrives to translators regularly. Meanwhile, @Joe please share any comments you may have for the task Samuel completed on Kató Platform. Thank you!

@Samuel, thank you for your message. Currently, partners are asked to provide reviews of tasks submitted. You can access these reviews by following the steps outlined here, in the FAQs: Task reviews on Kató Platform. Please note that if the task is complete, you will need to filter tasks by “complete” rather than “In Progress.”

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Hallo, I wanted to ask about the tags on the kato translation platform. I have a challenge trying to make them correspond between source and target text. I do not know what could be done about it.

Hello @Samuel, I suppose you are talking about the translation memory. Please check our dedicated Q&A section. This topic will tell you how to handle tags. If this doesn’t reply to your question, please don’t hesitate to write back.

Hi! I’ve taken the test a month ago, before I submitted my form to TWB, so I’m a bit lost about my situation here rs…

Hello Fernanda! I checked your tests and they have both received a good feedback so I approved it. You are now a Kató Verified Translator, thank you and congratulations :tada:

Apologies for cross-posting, but I’m new to TWB :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a fully paid up Member of the UK-based Chartered Institute of Linguists (membership no. 51445).

Can I use it to fast-track my way into becoming a Verified Translator?

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Hello again -

Just to let you know that I’ve just taken and submitted a translation test -

  • French source text: ‘Rapport de mission: Les ateliers psychologiques’
  • Discipline and field of expertise: Social Sciences
  • Target Language: English (UK)

Hallo, i wanted to know if , perhaps a moderator can look at the work and fix the tags, just this once. In future I will try to work it out.I found it difficult to fix when I tried.

Hello Samuel, you will need to ask the PM. Did you translate the text on Kató Platform? If so, please use the corresponding topic on the forum to post a message to the PM. Maybe @MiriamTWB will be able to help you.

Dear Bokani,

In order to become verified, you would have to be a Chartered Linguist with CIOL. I have found your account and it says that you are not chartered yet. Thank you for taking the qualification test instead!


Hi Margaret,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a test for Haitian Creole - English at the moment. Do you have any other qualifications such as: Certified member, ATA or ITI certified member, or CIOL Chartered Linguist?


Thank you very much ^^ I’m glad I can contribute to this amazing project!

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Dear Nurangiz -

Thanks for getting back to me and just to let you know that I took my translation test - yesterday!

Hi @Samuel,

Apologies for the delay. On your task page you should see a link to the Kató Community which links you to the relevant project page. Please post this issue there with the screenshots of what you are experiencing. I will follow up your issue on Kató Community once I see the screenshots you have uploaded on the relevant project forum page.

Hello @ambra. In the welcome email I received, it says you can become a verified translator if you “show evidence of recognized translation certification such as Certified PRO, ATA or ITI (this is the fastest option).” Where do I go to provide this evidence, please?