Translation of text Key Messages from Islamic Foundation

Hello Joanna,

Greetings from AA Consultoria Lingu铆stica!

I wish the best of health and prosperity for you and your community in these times of global health crisis due to the COVID-19.

I sent you the translation of text Key Messages from Islamic Foundation.

Thank you very much by opportunity.

Best regards,

Aline Alves de Amorim

Hi Aline, thanks for your message and your support :slight_smile: I am a little confused - could you please tell me where you got this text from? We have prepared some video tutorials to help you use Kat贸 Platform. Please click on the following links to find out more:

How to find and claim translation tasks

How to submit tasks

How to use our translation tool, Kat贸 TM, as well as FAQs and Do鈥檚 and Don鈥檛s

How to find the right thread in Kat贸 Community

Hello @JoannaW this text was my perfil as a test. But I am going to watch the video tutorials. Thanks for your message. :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello @JoannaW thank you very. I watched the video tutorials.

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Hi Aline! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: If you would like to take a test to become a Kat贸 Verified Translator, please take a look at this thread and follow the instructions :sunny:

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