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Hi @AlvaroMalta :wave:

The new tool, Memsource, will be in use from May 2021 and you can find the thread here :arrow_forward: Memsource - TWB Kató Community.

There are a few differences! So, you can wait until next month before working on any tasks so you don’t have to learn about two different tools if you prefer, Álvaro :smiley:


Thank you!
If there are only small differences, then I probably will start the sooner the better :wink:


Hi all,

I’m new to TWB and would love your help.

I’ve set up my account and can’t seem to find any tasks to translate from English to French or from French to English. I’ve looked on the home page and the page does not seem to update from the blankness when I change the source language or the target language. Is something bugging?

I also read something on another post about a translator test. Is this something that I need to do before I start translating? If so, how do I access it?

Many thanks!



@maxrlacaze when a job is uploaded will automatically appear in your account.


Also, you can set up email alerts to be notified of new available tasks.


Hi @maxrlacaze and welcome to the community!

I’ve just moved your post to this thread so you can have a look at what you need to know to get started. There is no glitch in the system, but no tasks are available for the moment for your language pairs. No worries however, new tasks are uploaded all the time, so keep an eye out. :smiley:

You can start translating even before becoming verified. You don’t need to pass en exam, this is the old vetting process and it’s not available anymore. Still, you can become a verified translator after translating and receiving good reviews (the general criteria is to receive approximately 6 task reviews, with an average mark of 3.5 or above out of 5). More details in this thread.

Hope this helps. :cherry_blossom:


Hi @maxrlacaze, thanks a lot for reaching out here and welcome to TWB! :sunny:

I confirm what the kind @SalwaAlrifai suggested in the message above; the homepage will only show you the tasks available at the moment you are looking, so if you don’t see any tasks, it means that currently there are no available tasks.

Also, the homepage will only display the tasks in the language pairs you’ve added to your profile; if you would like to work on English to French tasks too, you’ll need to add this language pair to your profile - you can add up to 6 lanague combinations :wink:

I see you’ve also signed p to receive daily task notifications, so as soon as a new task becomes available, you’ll be notified :envelope_with_arrow:

Thanks for joining us, Max! Let us know if you have more questions :star2:


why the platform revoked my translation task while i was translating?


Hi @amaninasser.708 and welcome to our community!
I’m sorry about your task being revoked. Unfortunately it might happen for different reasons. Anyway, I’m tagging our lovely @Silvia_Mauri who will possibly reply soon.
Thank you for your support!


thanks for your help!

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Hi @amaninasser.708

Firstly, welcome to the TWB community :star_struck:

I can confirm what the kind @faretto5 has said, that sometimes tasks are revoked for various reasons. It may be that there was an error in the source text or the project was set up incorrectly :thinking:

You can reach out to the project manager by posting on the project thread (you can find this link in the email that informed you about the task being revoked) if you would like to know why!


thank you very much for your help :blush:


Hello everyone!
I’ve just started my first project and I’ve already encountered an issue with Memsource :frowning: Only half of the file actually opened for me on the platform, even though I can see that there’s more when I open it in Word. Am I doing something wrong or is the issue on the platform’s/the partner’s side? And more importantly - who should I contact to get this sorted?


Hi @martaS,
so many thanks for reaching out and welcome to our community. The issue might be that the document is diveded in chunks and you might be in charge of just one of them. Anyway you will get the best reply tomorrow from staff members. I hope this helps. :herb:


Hi @martaS

Firstly welcome to TWB and congratulations on working on your first project :star_struck:

I can confirm what the kind @faretto5 has said, that most projects are divided up into Chunks. The word document you can see in the preview shows the whole document, which is useful for translators to refer to or to have a look at before they claim the task to make sure they’re comfortable with the project!

The Chunk you have to translate appears in Memsource :+1: So you only need to worry about this segment!

Thank you for your contribution to this project, Marta :smiley:


I have completed translation, but unable to press “complete” button which is still faint.

Hi @Hassan_Adam

This is most likely because you need to run the QA (Quality Assurance) before you can complete the task!

Please take a look at this page to learn how to resolve Quality Assurance (QA) issues in Memsource before you complete a task.

You can then complete the task following this tutorial :smiley:

Thanks for your support, Hassan!

I received a task for translation via e-mail. I have done all the job, but I don’t understand where I should submit it in order my translation would be accepted

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Hi @dimasaosin, thank you for reaching out here :slight_smile:

In order to work on a translation or revision task, you’ll first need to claim it by following these steps :white_check_mark:

Then, you need to complete your task using Memsource, our new translation interface; in this section you can learn everything about it! I also invite you to check this 30 minutes webinar on how to use Memsource :nerd_face:

Once you’ve worked on your task, you just need to follow these instructions to submit it.

I hope this helps, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions :sunny:

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Hi everyone, I am very new here and have some doubts, one of them is: Do we have to keep the format of the task or we can just translate it in a doc file? Do we have to use any specific tool or we are free to do the translation the way we feel more comfortable?