Well known diploma or mater degree in translation to recommend

Hi everyone
Can anyone please advise me with a well know and a useful diploma or master degree that could add for me in translation, I am new in translation and interpreting field in English Arabic and Arabic English. I am currently based in UK .
I really appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance


Hi @Saudi.abdelsayed and welcome to our community!

:pushpin: Not sure if this answers your request :thinking: but there is a number of institutions that we list here to verify our translators, these institution offer particular assessment tests and offer memberships and certificates :scroll:

:pushpin: On the other hand, what we offer here for our volunteers can be a good opportunity to build up their translation skills, enrich their CV/resume by working with an international non-profit, learn more about humanitarian translation and humanitarian response :man_technologist:

:pushpin: If you are interested in claiming tasks with us, kindly add the language pairs you can work on to your profile. After that, you ca refer to our Translator’s Manual to learn more about our workflow :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

:pushpin: You can also follow these instructions to sign up to receive email notifications when tasks are available in your language pairs :email:

I hope this helps!


Hi @Saudi.abdelsayed,

I have studied two translation/ interpreting diplomas at the American University in Cairo and they helped me a lot!
I have studied them in the location of the University but because of Covid-19 they started to provide their diplomas online as well! So, check their website and this may help you to start! To find their website easily use these keywords: School of Continuing Education, The American University in Cairo.

I hope this helps!



Thank you very much for your advice much appreciate it

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