How to become a Kató Verified Translator?

Hi Marion, it can take up to four weeks for your translation test to be reviewed :slight_smile:


Hi- do I need to do the test in each language I translate? Eg. I have to do the translation test multiple times? Spanish-English and French-English (/Egnlish-Spanish and English-French)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello, you need to take the test for any of your language combinations. If your native language is English, I suggest you take the test for Spanish to English and French to English. If you want to be verified in English to Spanish and English to French, also take the tests for those. That would be a total of 4 tests :slight_smile:

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I wanted to become a Kato verified translator by giving a translation test from English to Urdu. Unfortunately, my language Urdu is not given in the list of languages. What should I do now?

Hi Fehmina, welcome to TWB and thanks for your interest in becoming verified! :star2:
You are quite right, unfortunately at the minute we are not able to provide Eng>Urdu verification tests.
However there are other ways to become verified! If you have any of the certifications listed here, you can send them to us at
The other alternative is for you to get started translating, and once you receive a few good reviews for your translations with TWB, we will verify you.
If you haven’t already, please take a look through our welcome pack, where you can find video tutorials on how to claim tasks and many more!
Good luck with your translations! :smiley:

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Hi - I did my test about a week and half ago and I haven’t yet heard. Am I mean’t to receive an email or a notification of some sort?
I was able to pick up a task recently (and complete it!) :slight_smile:

Thanks for your prompt reply. I will go with the second option, as I don’t have any of the certification you have listed.

That’s great to hear, thank you! Best wishes for your work :sunny:

Hi Tanya :relaxed:
It usually takes 3-4 weeks to our reviewers to give a feedback about the translation, so you shouldn’t worry :sunny: we’ll get back to you!
Could you just confirm that you’ve filled in a form for the EN>SP translation sample? Or did you do it through THE TWB Screening Center on Proz? :thinking:
Well done on completing the task :revolving_hearts: keep up the good work!

Oh thanks! I’m not sure why I thought it was 1-2 weeks.

I have actually done both as I am fully bilingual in both languages. I admit I only filled in the form for EN>SP a couple days ago but the SP>EN test on Proz was completed on the 1st April. :slight_smile:

I took the test via my proz profile, but I still haven’t heard back yet!

Hi Aicha, it can take 3-4 weeks to get your results, however if you could let me know your Proz ID, I will check on the status of your test for you :slight_smile:

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Hello! I submitted a test from French to English about a month ago and I have not received a response yet… would you mind checking on this for me? Thanks a lot! ProZ ID 892189.

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Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your message! I have sent you an email :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

I did my verification test a couple weeks ago and haven’t heard back. Is there anyway you can look into it for me, please? Thanks! My proz link is:

Thank you!

Hello @lara.kazem thanks for reaching out :hugs: I can’t see your ProZ ID via the link you sent… could you let me know your ProZ ID here? Thanks :wink:

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Hi Lara, thanks for your message! I have sent you an email :slight_smile:

I am a Canadian certified translator (with the Corporation of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters of New Brunswick, which comes under the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC), just like STIBC and ATIO that are on your list of organizations and associations). Should I not be able to become a Verified Translator with this certification?

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Hello, Marie. We will discuss this internally and let you know. Thanks!!