How to become a Kató Verified Translator


Kató Verified Translator: What does it mean?

All Kató Translators have the opportunity to become Kató Verified Translators. Being a Kató Verified Translator means having access to all tasks, projects and partners posted in our translation platforms, which also means more opportunities to find projects that match your interest and schedule

How can I become a Kató Verified Translator?

There are many ways of becoming a Verified Translator. If you have translation certification such as Proz PRO certificate, ATA, ITI or CIOL accreditations, please contact us at showing a proof of your certification, and we will change your level to Verified.

If you don’t hold any of the certifications above and you want to become verified, you can visit the testing center here and take our qualification test. Please note that in order to see the testing center, you need to be logged in with your account. If you don’t have one, you can create a free account in a few minutes.

What is the TWB Qualification Test?
The TWB Qualification Test consists of a translation of a 300-350 words. Our Quality Reviewers will check the test as soon as possible and send us all corrections (if needed!) as well as general feedback. When your test is approved, you will receive an automatic notification.

How does it work?
Choose one of the sample texts available and indicate the target language you wish to be tested for. For certain languages you have to indicate your variant.

For which languages should I try the test?
In general, people translate from any languages they are proficient in (also called source language) into their first/native language (also called target language). For example, if your native language is Spanish, and you also have a proficient knowledge of English and French, we suggest you translate the English source text and the French source text into Spanish.

I submitted my test but I haven’t heard back.
Learn here how you can ask for a follow up!

Thank you for your interest and support :slight_smile:

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How to know if I’m a Kató verified translator

Hi, I’ve clicked on the application form link which takes me to the TWB application. I’m already a TWB approved translator. Does that mean I automatically qualify as a Kató Vertified Translator as well?


Hello Claire, yes you are because you have passed the TWB Qualification Test. Well done! :tada:

How to become a Kató Translator

Hello Ambra,

I filled out the form for Káto verification on 15th of February as described, but I have only received a confirmation of receipt from the platform so far. When can I expect further information on my application such as the Qualification Test?

Kind regards,


Hello Brita,
Thank you for reaching out! You don’t need to take a qualification test because you are a Proz PRO user for English to German. Proz PRO certifications are enough to become a Kató Verified Translator in that language combination. You have access to all available projects for English to German. If you wish to add a new combination to your profile, please let me know and we will invite you to take the Qualification Test.
Best wishes,


Hello Ambra,

thank you for your prompt reply and for letting me know.

Kind regards,


Hallo, I have also done the TWB test . I have a TWB work space account. Is there anything else to do? Thanks.


@Samuel no need to do anything else, if you have passed the test, you are already fully verified :slight_smile:


Hi, I took the test at the end of January via my proz profile, but I still haven’t heard back yet


Hello @rebeccandhlovu, thanks for letting us know. Could you please give us your Proz ID (the digits in the URL to your Proz profile) so we can follow up? If you’re unsure please give us the URL to your Proz profile directly.


Hi @ambra. It’s 1893919.
Many thanks,





I completed a french to English translation task about a project in Madagascar(about the little sisters). i was away for some time. I would like to get feedback if it is possible, it is very important.

Verification for TWB Translator

Hello @Samuel , we agree that feedback on the work done is very important. We are working with PMs and partners to make sure this feedback arrives to translators regularly. Meanwhile, @Joe please share any comments you may have for the task Samuel completed on Kató Platform. Thank you!


@Samuel, thank you for your message. Currently, partners are asked to provide reviews of tasks submitted. You can access these reviews by following the steps outlined here, in the FAQs: Task reviews on Kató Platform. Please note that if the task is complete, you will need to filter tasks by “complete” rather than “In Progress.”

I hope you find this useful,


TWB Language Announcements: Help us find translators!

Hallo, I wanted to ask about the tags on the kato translation platform. I have a challenge trying to make them correspond between source and target text. I do not know what could be done about it.


Hello @Samuel, I suppose you are talking about the translation memory. Please check our dedicated Q&A section. This topic will tell you how to handle tags. If this doesn’t reply to your question, please don’t hesitate to write back.


Hi! I’ve taken the test a month ago, before I submitted my form to TWB, so I’m a bit lost about my situation here rs…


Hello Fernanda! I checked your tests and they have both received a good feedback so I approved it. You are now a Kató Verified Translator, thank you and congratulations :tada: