Community Recognition Program

We believe it is important to acknowledge the value and impact of the crucial support that our TWB Community members provide. As part of our Community Recognition Program, you can receive rewards depending on your level of contribution. :star2:

:loudspeaker: We have some exciting news to share with you! :tada: From now on, you will be able to find all the details of our Community Recognition Program on your profile :bust_in_silhouette: on the TWB Platform, in a new dedicated section. :woman_technologist: :man_technologist:

Scroll down in your profile :arrow_down: and check out which rewards you are eligible to receive! :white_check_mark:

The program now adopts a point-based system :abacus: Donate words to earn points. Points mean rewards! Check out which rewards you are eligible to receive!

:left_speech_bubble: We are also looking into expanding our list of rewards this year, and list of activities for which you can receive points. Feel free to share your ideas with our team in this thread! :bulb:

As part of this program:

:email: You can request reference letters (15,000 points) and recommendations on professional platforms, such as LinkedIn or ProZ (30,000 points).

:white_check_mark: We can confirm that you have volunteered your time and skills with TWB (5,000 points). We calculate translators’ contributions by words donated, not hours. We can “convert” the words you contribute into hours for your service hours at university, work, and other institutions. Contact us to receive written confirmation of your hours.

:question: How can I earn points?

:question: How can I request rewards?
Once you have enough points to request a reward, please send an email at :mailbox_with_mail: Our staff will process your request and get back to you within 2 business days. The points are cumulative and never reset to zero, so you keep accruing points even if you claim any rewards.
In the near future, we will implement a button to request a reward directly from your profile!

:question: Do you offer any monetary rewards?

Our Community Recognition Program also includes monetary rewards for some marginalized languages. Speakers of marginalized languages often face high connectivity costs when offering their online support. These monetary rewards aim to cover some of those expenses. We hope that this will allow speakers of marginalized languages to volunteer more with us.

We also offer monetary rewards for languages that are crucial to supporting ongoing humanitarian responses. When we advocate for language inclusion and collaborate with partner organizations on the ground, it generates more urgent and more frequent requests for relevant language communities. We are committed to recognizing the work of our volunteers who step up to support their communities in times of crisis. We hope that the rewards included in our Community Recognition Program may help community members who are personally affected.

This program is not a form of employment, and rewards do not constitute payment for services.

Currently, the languages for which we can offer monetary rewards are Amharic, Bengali, Bura-Pabir, Burmese, Chadian Arabic, Chittagonian, Dari, Fulfulde, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Kanuri, Kibaku, Kurdish, Lingala, Luganda, Mandara, Marghi, Mongo, Nande, Ngombe, Oromo, Pashto, Rohingya, Romani, Shi, Somali, Swahili, Tigrinya, Ukrainian, Waha.

This list may change over time, depending on our strategic needs and budgetary constraints related to our crisis response work and international programs. If a language is to be removed from this list, the community will be informed beforehand, in a timely manner. If you deliver work in these languages, you can check how many points you have and the monetary rewards you can receive in the new “Recognition” section.
:question: Do you have more questions? You can check our FAQs here .

:rotating_light: Please remember that the quality of the work we submit is of utmost importance, as it can influence the lives of people affected by humanitarian crises. Only work that meets our minimum quality standards (as described in TWB’s Code of Conduct will qualify towards our Community Recognition Program.

:mortar_board: We are also encourage you to take our online course, Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community . All community members who successfully complete it will receive a certificate. The course is available online . To learn more about it, please visit this thread . In 2022, we are also aiming at expanding our online course offering - stay tuned for more news!

We look forward to receiving your feedback! :memo:


This makes me so happy! I’m glad to see that hard work will be recognized, and I hope to see many other online courses in the coming years :slight_smile:


We are delighted to share this with you :slight_smile: And we will keep working on our recognition system and online courses. Stay tuned :wink:


Thank you for the initiative.
Please how can I have access to this program?


Hello @Christelle, thank you for your message. You can find more info about the program and how to participate here.
If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to ask me!


Very nice initiative. Congratulations!!!:sorrir:


Thank you Gloria! We keep working on this to improve it and make it grow. Stay tuned!


@ambra Hi, I would like to know how do I acquire the TWB translator badge in my Proz profile? Thank !

Hello Gloria! The badge will be available after you deliver your first translation task on the TWB Workspace. The badge isn’t available just yet for tasks delivered on Kató Platform, and we are working to make it available soon.


Thanks for the reply, about TWB Workspace I received only two emails with projects, but with links locked, I questioned the subject for support but until today without success, no response. I’ll wait for Kató platform. Thanks!

Hello Gloria, if the link was locked it means that someone else had already claimed the task and this is why you couldn’t see it anymore. We have plenty of translation projects into Portuguese, I am sure you will have new chances to contribute on the TWB Workspace soon.

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Ok @ambra I will wait, thank you for the incentive !:sorrindo:


Thank you so much for the info! :smile:

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Great content and amazing courses - all of them are very enriching. Also, the layout is very nice and the platform is easy to use.

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Dear @Jean_Augusto_G_S_C, thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated :slight_smile:
Happy to hear you took our course!

Dear Ambra,

Hope you are doing well.
According to the announcement I wrote to an email for requesting a reference letters and recommendation but I did not get back any reply.
Almost 50000 words translated, proofread into the both workplace.

Thanks & Regards

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Hi @Zahiduzzanan, thanks for your reminder. We will send you the letter still this week. Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, we sent you a reference letter on June 28th. Do you need an updated one? Thank you!