Translators' Word Counts on Workspace and the TWB Platform

Many translators asked how TWB keeps track of translators contribution and why you could not see the full list of tasks you worked on and words you produced in one place.

You probably noticed that TWB currently uses two separate translation platforms: The TWB Workspace, the platform we have been using since 2011, and the TWB Platform, which is now our main translation platform and that we have started using since we merged with The Rosetta Foundation in 2017. the TWB Platform has always been used for humanitarian and volunteer translations only and is managed by TWB.

We have now merged all the information we have in the two platforms. The Translator badge on the TWB Platform now shows the sum of your word counts across both the TWB Platform and the TWB Workspace.

When we have to credit a translator as part of our Recognition Program, we always consider the total word counts, and keep into account the words produced both on the Workspace and the TWB Platform.

Checking your contribution is very easy. On the TWB Platform you can check your task history on “Claimed Tasks”:



On May 28, I delivered 2068 translated words, however, they were not added to my total previously delivered.

Best regards.

Lúcia Falcão


Hi :blush: this is usually done during the working days, so the words will be probably added to your account tomorrow. :blush:


Hi @Ludovica92

The badge has been updated.



perfect, @Lucia_Falcao :blush: :blush:


Hello My name is Abdalla I am translator English to Somali I reached more than 30,000 words how to apply for money

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Hi @Abdallabakolow1980,

Thanks for your great participation! We really appreciate that! :slight_smile:
You may know that working for TWB is unpaid work because it’s a volunteering work!
Definitely, you get other benefits as a translator such as getting the experience, dealing with a professional way with PMs and getting promotions on professional networks like Proz and linkedin!

Thank you so much for your great work! :star: :sunflower:

Hi @Dalia1
I think what @Abdallabakolow1980 wants to know is about contribution of the recognition program of the hard-to-source languages. @Aya.Alrifai may have a clue about this.

Hi @Amin1,

Maybe, I got confused then! Thanks for explaining that!

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@Dalia1 no prob. Welcome!

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I want to know about that

Hi @Abdallabakolow1980 and thank you for your great contribution with us :dizzy:

As our colleagues kindly mentioned, you can get benefit from our recognition program, I’ll send you an email soon for more explanation and details :blush: