Asking for a certificate

Hi @sarah_galal96, thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your great contribution! :sunny:

Of course, I鈥檒l be happy to put together a reference letter for you; it will include the date you joined TWB, your word count, and the NGO partners you contributed. I鈥檒l send it to you within a week, does it sound good to you? :slight_smile:

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Sounds Great! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi, I crossed the threshold of 20,000 words yesterday. It has been a great experience contributing to the cause. Could I please get a reference letter based on the work done? If yes, please use my full name, Akanksha Bora on the letter. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @AkankshaB, congratulations on reaching this threshold! :partying_face:

Of course, I will be happy to put together a reference letter for you in the following week. It will include the date you joined TWB, your word count, and the NGO partners you contributed to. Does it sound good to you? :slight_smile:


Yes it does, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Silvia_Mauri ,

I have crossed the threshold of 20 000 words. Could you please write a reference letter? :blush:
I鈥檝e read that you usually include the word count and the NGO partners a person contributed to. Can I also ask you to mention the combinations of the languages I am working with, and my real name? :cherry_blossom: Rose Marie is my nickname. :blush:

Hi @Rose.Marie, congratulations on reaching this threshold! :tada:

Of course, I鈥檒l be happy to put together a reference letter for you in the following week; as you rightly said, it will include the date you joined TWB, your word count, the NGO partners you contributed to, and the language pairs you worked with :blush:

I will mention the name you used to register your TWB profile, is that okay?

Thanks for your support Rose Marie :tulip: :sunflower:


Yes, please mention in the reference letter what you鈥檝e written here. :+1: Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face: :green_heart:

Perfect! :+1: I鈥檒l reach out to you @Rose.Marie as soon as it鈥檚 ready :upside_down_face: :envelope_with_arrow:

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Hello, I know that translators are eligible for a reference letter once we hit the 20,000 word mark, but I鈥檝e recently seen a new TWB translator with between 4,000 and 5,000 words, in receipt of something that looks like a reference letter, too.

Or perhaps it鈥檚 a 鈥渃onfirmation of contribution鈥? What is the difference?

Thanks for any advice!

Hello @Silvia_Mauri , i hope you鈥檙e well! Could you help with my query, or redirect if I鈥檓 asking in the wrong place? Thanks so much :pray:t3:

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Hi @Switzer-matt and thank you for asking this good question! :+1:

As you rightly said, the reference letter is issued when a translator reaches 20000 as word count. However, the letter can be provided before reaching this threshold in very exceptional cases, for example, when a volunteer translates to a language that rarely has tasks, or when there is an urgent need for it by the volunteer who requests it. We review the requests we have on a case-by-case basis to decide the possibility of providing the letters :innocent:

As for the confirmation of contribution, it means the eligibility for adding the name, title, and email address of TWB鈥檚 Senior Community Officer, Ambra Sottile, in the volunteer鈥檚 CV/resume/job application. When Ambra is contacted by an institution the volunteer applies to work for, she can verify the contribution of the volunteer with TWB :white_check_mark:

I hope that I could give you a clear answer, please let us know if you need more clarification on our recognition program :dizzy:


Hello @Aya.Alrifai , thanks for the detailed response, that鈥檚 very helpful :star_struck:

So the confirmation of contribution is not actually a document that an individual TWB translator would request鈥攊t鈥檚 more like permission to cite the TWB senior community officer as a referee?

I鈥檒l have a look at the recognition program page too鈥攖hanks for the link!


Edit: I think it was a 鈥渃onfirmation of hours contributed鈥 that I was referring to (min. 1000 words), which is different to the Recognition Program. Question answered. Thanks again!


You鈥檙e right @Switzer-Matt :+1: as for service hours, these can be confirmed in two ways:

:white_check_mark: If the translator asks to calculate their working hours and include them in their reference letter (that鈥檚 why the letter you saw included service hours :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

:white_check_mark: If the Senior Community Officer is added as a referee and contacted to confirm the contribution of a translator with the organization

What we do is 鈥渃onvert鈥 the words a volunteer contributes into hours. In general, we consider that a novice translator can translate approximately 200 words per hour :clock1: (min. 1000 words)

Also upon request, and according to the case, we can provide short 鈥渨ritten confirmation of contribution鈥 :newspaper:

I hope this gave even more clarification for our recognition rewards :innocent:


:star_struck: many thanks @Aya.Alrifai, you鈥檝e answered this question and possibly most of my future questions, too :laughing:

Have a nice Thursday and weekend!


Hi @Aya.Alrifai
May I claim for a reference letter ??

Thank you

Hi @Kholood

Sure! Please send us an email to so we follow up with your request :blush:

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Thank you :hibiscus:

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Hello @Aya.Alrifai
I requested a certificate and a reference letter several days ago and I am waiting to receive them. I have translated for some NGOs on TWB Workspace which are not mentioned in my Kato profile. Would you please let me know if these NGOs are also mentioned in my certificate and reference letter?

Hi @OmidShabani and thank you for reaching out!

To answer your question, the complete list of NGOs will surely be included in the reference letter as the information of the letter are taken from both Kato and Workspace platforms. Only this list will not be mentioned in the certificate due to the limitation of the number of words; mainly, the certificate is a form to confirm the total hours of volunteer activity. You will receive the certificate and the reference letter today or tomorrow to know more about the information mentioned in both rewards :innocent:

Thank you very much for your response.
I鈥檓 happy to hear that :star_struck:

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