Another way to find tasks

Is there another way to find and claim a task? So far, I haven’t had any success in finding tasks to claim. I have daily email notifications.


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Hi, @Marthika!

No, unfortunately the only way to claim a task is following these steps.

You can also check this video.

The only way to pick some tasks “earlier” is to be a verified translator .

Keep loging! At least, you can earn a badge :medal_military: :smiley:


Ah, I see but to be a verified translator one needs to gain some experience. That’s good to know.

I have seen the videos hundreds of times.


You’re right. If you want to translate other topics, you can try Crowdin; Coursera; WordPress; TED; and even Localizor if you like games. This can help you get a good portfolio. And then, you can try to be a certified translator and bazinga: you can translate for TWB. How do you think I keep going? :smiley:

What is good takes time to cultivate. :wink:

And happy translating! :writing_hand:


Thanks so much for the information.

Well, thanks Paulo. I just finished my first Ted Talk translation project. Also, I have translated 1,444 words in Coursera. I am gaining some experience…lol :smiley: :yum:


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hi, how can i get tasks ? can anybody help me ?


Hi @almslmany.nouhad

You can refer to this section of our manual to learn more about how to find and claim tasks :innocent: