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I can’t find new tasks on my home. How is it possible?

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Hi, @Alessandrafranza1992!

Our colleague had a similar question, I think you should visit this topic . It also contains some sites that you can translate to gain some experience if you’re a beginner translator.

Happy translating! :writing_hand:


Hi @Alessandrafranza1992 and welcome to our community! :dizzy:

I’m sorry if you haven’t found tasks recently, we know it’s sometimes not easy to find tasks, but in general, the availability of tasks actually varies from time to time :confused:

However, I recommend that you keep checking the homepage, and following these instructions to sign up to receive email notifications when tasks are available in your language pairs, this should help to increase the chance to find tasks :innocent:

Hope you can catch your first task soon! :smiley:


Hello Everyone! I signed up here to help the Ukrainian community. How can I contribute. I see a lot of translation requests coming in on LinkedIn. I’d appreciate any information. My languages are German/Polish/English

Hi Eva and welcome to our community! :dizzy:

I replied to the email you sent us in this regard, kindly refer to it :email:

Let me know if you have any questions :blush:

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Thank you Aya :blush:.
Best wishes

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Hello Aya, I hope you’re doing well. I tried to claim new tasks. Some of the projects show a message ‘you cannot access this project’.

Hi Eva, I’m doing well, thanks. Hope you are too! :sunflower:

I see that you recently completed your first task, congratulations :partying_face:

If you come a cross a message that refers to inaccessible projects, this is mostly because the tasks in this project are already claimed. To make sure to find the tasks available for you, you can refer to this tutorial :arrow_backward:

Let me know if you need any assistance :blush:

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thank you Aya, as always :slight_smile:

Hello Aya

I hope you are doing well. I’m reaching out yo ask you if yhe TWB community is ok with being tagged on posts on social media?

I have been posting updates on my personal LinkedIn account regarding my activities related to translation work or training however I have noticed that none of my posts are commented on or liked. Should I stop sharing those posts? I’m new to the TWB community and thought I’d reach out to you and ask directly, since you been so kind and supportive :sparkling_heart:. I also sent you an invite on LinkedIn and would love to connect with you.

I have a large number of linguistics and teachers in my network and was hoping my TWB posts would inspire people to join the community.

Thank you for your time. Take care.



The photo shows the traditional folk dolls from Europe, also from Ukraine :ukraine:
My daughter and I have been making them since the beginning of the war. Proceeds from sales go to UNICEF Ukraine to help Ukrainian Children. We’re trying to do as much as we can to help.
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Hi Eva,

You’re absolutely welcome to tag TWB page to share with them your activities, and I’m sorry if your posts didn’t have any comments :confused: I believe that it would be helpful to change the privacy of the posts to make them public so the page admins are able to add comments to the posts, I’ll also check with our communicatins team to make sure the post are visible to them :blush:

And the folk dolls are lovely! It’s always great when someone cares about supporting people affected in crises even with simple things :orange_heart: Thank you and your sweet daughter for working on this :hugs:


Thank you Aya, I appreciate your engagement and support :heartpulse:

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Hi all,

I can see many tasks associated with the ‘ukraine’ tag (TWB Platform) but when I click on them I see an error message Warning! You are not authorized to view this page.

All the tasks I’m looking at are within the scope of my target languages (Ukrainian, English, Russian, Italian).

Could I ask for help please? Many thanks!


Hi Anna! The tags sometimes show tasks that are already in progress, for this reason they are not accessible, but you can always access the tasks directly displayed on the homepage by following this process. I hope this helps :innocent:

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Hi! I have been here for 4 months and still, I don’t have any tasks on my homepage. I translate from Russian- ans Spanish- to- English. What do I do?
I watched a video ‘How to find and claim a task’ but I there is no tasks on my homepage so it didn’t help me. I am looking forward to your answer! Thank you!

Hi Tsagan :dizzy:

I’m sorry that you couldn’t find tasks to translate in the past few months :confused: Maybe we haven’t received many projects that have Russian and Spanish as their source languages. I see that you’re native in Russian, so it may be helpful to add the language pair English to Russian to find more tasks. You can also follow these instructions to sign up to receive email notifications when tasks are available for you.

I hope this helps! :sunflower:

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Thank you for the message. I am new here. I hope to get a task soon.