Where to find open license articles for practicing?

:wave: everyone
I’m new to Kató Community and I would like to improve and shape-up some translation skills.
Therefore, I’d appreciate your help to find out free to use English resources (web pages, articles, blogs…etc) which are under open licenses so I can use freely to practice translation more often & show my skills for possible engagements & tasks on different platforms.
I prefer different topics rather than a specific topic.
Thank you very much & I wish to be accepted at this kind community.


Hi, @Qmasry.

There is a site that you can translate or write articles:

Besides that, you can get featured on the social media of the translator who made the site. This can help you boost your marketing.

It’s free of charge.

You can also check this topic for more volunteer translations.

Happy translating! :writing_hand:


Thanks a lot @PauloRibeiro :ok_hand: it seems a good site to start with!
I have some questions before I sign-up to this site:

  • Will I have sufficient articles right there to work on?

  • Can I be selective with topics if I want to work on any topic of my choice?

  • Am I allowed to share it on different platform/sites?

Thank you very much

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Hi, @Qmasry.

Thank you for your patience. It was raining cats and dogs here. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Yes, there are more than 30 articles to work on. Most of the time, you’ll see that the English is not so good. Therefore, you can help the authors improve their English. It’s a writing community after all.

Yes, it’s a free site. You only translate/write what you want.

Well, you will be featured on the platform, so I think yes.

Ah, you can create an email just to sign-up. You don’t need to use your business email. Then, you can set the notifications to be sent to your business email.

Glad to help! :blush:

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Hi. I’m trying to go to the mentioned website but its taking me to some Bubble website. Can someone please guide me? Thank you!

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Hi, @Jui.

Yes, it seems there is a problem. I will contact Margarita and talk about it.

Thanks for letting me know. When I have a response, I will post here.

Ok. Thanks a lot for replying.

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Hi, @Jui and @Qmasry!

Unfortunately, I tried contacting Margarita on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and by email, but to no avail. I don’t know what happened. I apologise for my late response, but I had to give a considerable time before I let you know.

I will communicate any change in this situation.

Hi @PauloRibeiro . Thank you so much for taking the efforts to help me. Please do let me know if you have any further information.

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Hello there @Jui,

I just saw your question and I tried to access the translatedselves website. At the moment, it seems it is working again. :grinning:
I hope this helps, as it is a great place to practice!

Have a good day :sun_with_face:


Hi @catarina.j ,
Thanks a lot for replying. I’ll check it out immediately.
Have a great day!