How to find tasks on TWB platform

Hello Meline, thanks for letting us know! I checked your profile and I see you are subscribed to daily notifications, so you should receive an email every day that there are tasks available for you.
I see there are many tasks for English to French at the moment, one of my colleagues posted a project not even 1h ago. If you are quick enough, I am sure you can get one! :slight_smile:

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Hello Ambra,

I don’t receive notifications anymore :confused:

I thought it was because there weren’t many tasks at the moment. I have connect right now and ‘There are currently no tasks available for your language combinations.’ I am probably too late, I hope I am still registered to receive ENG to FR tasks.

Hi Meline, thank you for your reply. Can you please check if the emails are going into your spam folder or any other folder? I hear that we have had issues with the email notifications from time to time, and they were not arriving in time, or at all, even if the person was subscribed to daily notifications. I will raise this with our Tech team.

I just checked and indeed all tasks posted yesterday for French are claimed. I see there is one new task for French available at the moment.

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Hello Ambra,
I am having the same problem as Meline (MR777). I used to receive email notifications regularly and it stopped at the end of the Summer. I thought it was because of a lack of tasks. I check regularly the website, my spams folder, and I registered for daily notifications. I am also translating from English to French, and Dutch to French. The last notification I received was in August, for a task I claimed and translated. Since then, nothing. In advance thank you for your reply and help :slight_smile:

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I did not find any TWB email on spams yet (I always check before deleting them). Is there something that I can do on my TWB profile? Nevertheless, I will watch carefully the next spam messages.

Thank you again for your help.

Hello Meline, your profile looks all right, there is nothing there that needs to be fixed or changed. I will raise the issue with our tech team and will let you know at the end of the week.

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Hello @MR777 and apologies to keep you waiting. Our Tech Team needed more time to investigate your case and try to understand what happened.
The team informed me that task stream notifications are randomized for every user, which means that available tasks for your task stream are checked at different hours every day, but just once a day. For example, today the systems checked if there were available tasks at 10:30 UTC. It will be at a different time tomorrow. In case there are no available tasks, the system doesn’t send any notification emails. I understand you have not received an email for a long time, however, I can confirm that the system works and is regularly checking available tasks for you. At this point, I think that it was consistently bad timing. All I can recommend is that from time to time you also check on the homepage. Thank you so much for your time, Meline, and apologies for the inconvenience.

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i am learning a lot of new stuff by helping you guys with your projects so i am feeling very welcome and warm in this comunity :heartpulse: :heartpulse:so if you dont mind i have an honest question :


a person with lots of hands on experience in translation and with educational background consisting of many short translation courses and c2 examinations ( e.x TOELF , HSK , ,ZDfB , DELE etc) can start a career in translation? or it is mandatory a 4/5 year degree to start working with paid projects?

i see freelance translators with different educational background working already and i see agencies demanding academical background and i see other agencies just demanding experience and that confuse me a lot !

I hope you can enlight me with your experience and share what you already know with empathy and honesty ,

loooking forward for it

Why don’t I get any tasks in the menu?

Hi @akramecxe678 and thank you for your interest in working with us! If you don’t find task, it’s only because there are no tasks available at the time you’re looking. I recommend keeping an eye on the homepage and the email notifications you may receive to see the tasks when they become available :blush: