The TWB Workspace Badge


For all translations completed on the TWB Workspace, Kató Translators receive a badge that they can use on other platforms, such as

To learn how you can add the badge to other platforms, please go to your profile on the TWB Workspace, scroll down to see your badge and click on Learn how to embed it in other pages.

The badge will appear only after you deliver your first translation on the TWB Workspace. If you need a proof that you are registered with TWB but haven’t completed any translation yet, take our online course, Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for Kató Translators, and receive a certificate :mortar_board:

To join the TWB Workspace, translators need to be Verified Translators.

Important: this badge shows only the words donated for projects completed on the TWB Workspace, just as the Translator badge on Kató Platform shows all completed tasks in Kató Platform only

When we credit a translator as part of our Recognition Program , we always consider the total word counts, and keep into account the words produced both on the Workspace and Kató Platform.

"TWB" icon and number of words donated on Proz profile
Proz community


It is a pity the badge doesn’t include the language pair.




Hello Hans, thanks a lot for the feedback, very much appreciated. This is a good idea. We are exploring other ways to make possible for translators to show their working language with TWB. Stay tuned :slight_smile:
Thanks again,


Thank you @ambra for the great efforts you are deploying.

Apart from language pairs suggested by @Hans, I think it would be great if the photo of the translator could be included in the badge.



Hi Maher, thank you for your input, really appreciated. We will keep you posted of all new developments.



I cant log in into the link you provided. It just directs me to TWB website. I can’t find any badge code for my account.


Hello @Jean_Augusto_G_S_C, could you show me a screenshot of which TWB website the link takes you to after logging in? You should be able to access your profile and see your badge from there.


Hello, Gloria! Sorry for my delay in answering.
Here’s the screenshot:

Thank you in advance.


Dear @Jean_Augusto_G_S_C,
I’ve checked, I see you have an account in Kató Platform, and unfortunately the badges are not available for those profiles yet. We’re working to include them, and once we do all your work will be reflected in the badge. We will keep you posted on any developments! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the fast response, Gloria. I’ll wait.

Have a nice day!


Thank you for your interest! You have probably seen this already, but you can gain access to the TWB Workspace platform by becoming a Kató Verified translator :slight_smile:


I can’t add the badge on my proz profile although I become a verified translator and sent 2 e-mails at to be verified.

please check the screenshot.


Hello Salwa, thank you for your message. This is how you can become a verified translator. Are you sure you have followed all the steps?
I am not sure we have received any emails from you to become verified, can you please try and send it again?


Dear Ambra,
Thank you for your fast response.
In fact, I got a certification and I sent 3 e-mails to be a verified translator as follows:
Please check your inbox and help me.

Looking forward to hear from you


Hello Salwa, thank you for your quick message. I am very sorry for the inconvenience: the right email address is - this is why we have not received your emails. Can you please be so kind and patient to forward those emails to - we will take care of your request immediately.
Apologies again :frowning:

(also, I deleted the pics you posted because your email address was visible to all users. We want to protect your privacy :slight_smile: )


Dear Ambra,
Don’t worry… There is no problem… You are welcome. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will forward the e-mail now.
Thank you for protecting my info. :star_struck::star_struck: