How to embed Kató Translator Badge in your ProZ profile?

:newspaper: Go to your Kató Platform profile
:inbox_tray: Right-click on the badge image and click on “Copy Image Address”.
:bust_in_silhouette: Log into your ProZ profile and paste that URL into the ‘bio’ field using the code <img src="..." width="286px" /> , (replacing … with the URL to the badge you copied).

This will copy the URL of the picture. This picture is not dynamic and you will have to repeat the procedure every now and then to keep your embedded badge up to date.


Hi Lum Nan and thank you for your question. I see that the tasks you have completed in the TWB Workspace are correctly recorded and showing in your profile and TWB badge. Those 6,741 words have been translated in the Workspace and therefore are not showing in the other translation platform, Kató. We have two translation tasks at the moment, but please rest assured that when we have to calculate points for recognition, we take into account the work done in both platforms.

Please learn more about how our platforms and badges work:

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How and when are the points calculated? What are the benefits?

Hi again,
I see the words that i translated are not updated on Is it auto added to TWB workspace? Could you please send me the updated points of the works that I’ve done and tell if I can claim the expenses?
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Lum, I see that your badge in Kato Platform is showing 3780 words produced, which are the sum of the 6 tasks you claimed in that platform. Can you please let me know if you think that anything is missing? In addition to that, you have 37,929 words produced from the Workspace. The two word counts are still kept separate but we consider both of them when we calculate your points for the recognition program.

We will update you about your point status this week. If you qualify for a recognition for expenses, we will proceed giving you the corresponding sum.

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Dear @ambra,

Though I read the various instructions I didn’t manage to find how to make by badge appear on my account neither on the account where to find that I’m also a TWB volunteer Translator.
Moreover on my dashboard, in the statistic section there are 0 words translated and 0 tasks completed where as I’ve done some. Can you assist me on that.
Many thanks !!

All my best wishes for a Happy New Year !!!

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Hi Aurelie, Happy New Year! :tada:

TWB uses two separate translation platforms, so it can be a little bit confusing.

There’s the TWB Workspace, the platform we have been using since 2011, and Kató Platform, which is now our main translation platform and that we have started using since we merged with The Rosetta Foundation in 2017. The platforms are not integrated and therefore the tasks you completed in Kató won’t be included in the TWB Workspace word count (but we always take both of them into consideration in our Recognition Program).

You can embed your Kato Translator badge on ProZ by right-clicking on the badge image you see on your profile and then clicking on “Copy Image Address”. You may want to paste that URL into a HTML page using a code such as:- <img src="..." width="286px" /> , replacing … with the URL to the badge you copied.

I hope it helps. Let me know if you struggle with it and I will do my best to help :slight_smile:

Dear @NataliaG,
Thank you for your feedback and advice!! :smile:
With some maniplulation, I’ve managed to add the badge in my ProZ Bio via the WYSIWYG editor !
All good now.



Hi, I have been doing some translations at Kato. Now I am trying to add the badge into my Proz profile and I am unable to do it. It automatically takes me to twb web site and my e-mail address is not recognized.
I´ve tried to copy the code mentioned but no luck…
Thanks for your help.

Hi Diana, you don’t need to use your email to embed your badge. Did you try to paste it in the “Bio” field? I’m not quite sure how you tried to do it, can you maybe send me a screenshot?

I don’t have any issues embedding your badge:

Hi Natalia, it is working when I do it here, but not when I do it in my Proz profile, at least I can´t see it… not sure if someone else does…

Here no problem:

Also… I was wondering how do I add it here as well… (this is a sample of someone else´s profile).sample

Hi Diana, you’re rigth there seems to be a problem. You can copy image address of the badge. Go to your the bio section in your profile, change to the WYSIWYG editor as shown below:


Click on ‘picture’ and paste the url here:


There might still be a problem with adjusting the width, I will have a look at it later and hopefully figure it out.

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Diana, this is unfortunately no longer possible because we have moved away from our other platform, TWB Workspace, which was provided by ProZ and as such was integrated with it. Kato does not have this possibility :confused:

Thank you Natalia for all your help. I think it looks good now :slight_smile:

It looks great, how did you make it smaller?

Thank is something I can´t still fix… I was trying to put all images of the same size but I can´t… when you insert the picture, there are size options (25%, 50% and 100%) but even though I have chosen the same size for all uploaded images, it still looks different… but at least they are there.

I had the same problem. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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