Task reviews on Kató Platform

When you complete a task on Kató Platform, you will be asked to provide optional feedback on the task you worked on. Translators will be asked to give feedback on the source file and reviewers will be asked to give feedback on the translation they revised. This feedback is called a task review.

After you have completed your work on Kató Translation Memory (Kató TM) and submitted it to Kató Platform, you will be taken to the review page:

Providing reviews is optional. The purpose of reviews is the provide feedback to other project participants for information only. They are not publicly visible.

To view reviews that you have received from others, go to your Claimed Tasks page and click on the Task Reviews button underneath each task.

Here’s an example of a task review:


If I realize changes have to be made on the feedback, how can I do it?

Hello @Sari and thank you for your question! Reviews can’t be edited after they have been submitted. If you want to change anything, you’d need to submit another review. I hope this helps!