Where to find translation/revision feedback?

Would you like to see the feedback for your translation? :writing_hand: Not sure where to find it? :face_with_monocle: What does it mean if you don’t get it? :woman_shrugging: Find out here :arrow_down:

:memo: After you complete a task on the TWB Platform it will be revised by another translator. Their task is to flag and correct any potential errors. Upon completion, they are asked to rate the translation and provide written feedback.

:100: You can find the average score you received in reviews in your profile

:face_with_monocle: If you want to see the score you received for a particular task or if you received any written feedback, you can learn where to find it here.

Providing written feedback is optional. We encourage revisers and partners to leave reviews but some of them chose not to do it. Don’t worry if you don’t receive it! :slight_smile:

:nerd_face: We have a section dedicated to Translation Quality. Visit it to learn more about quality and feedback at TWB.


hii,i have this question that is worrying me,when you finish your translation or revision you will see something like!thanks,give time for the organization after your submission is reviewed you will receive feedback from kato project or the sister organization which i never received even ones.does that mean my work was not good or has more error?


Hi @Salisu, this is a great question. Leaving reviews on a translation or a revision is optional, so many times, you will find that your tasks don’t have any feedback, but this doesn’t mean there were any problems with them. We are working on updating this process so that it is easier for volunteers to access feedback about their work, but in the meantime, you can always see if feedback has been left on your tasks by going to “Claimed Tasks” in Kató Platform, filtering the Task Status to show only complete tasks, then clicking “Task Reviews” on each of your completed tasks. In fact, I see that one of your tasks has received positive feedback :slight_smile:

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