Feedback on your translations on the TWB Platform

When you complete a translation on the TWB Platform, you might receive a feedback from the reviser of the task you worked on. This feedback is called a task review.

Providing reviews is optional. The purpose of these reviews is to provide feedback to other project participants, for their information only – which is to say that they are not publicly visible.

To check the reviews you received, go to your Claimed Tasks section, use the filters at the top of the page to show completed tasks, and click on the Task Reviews button underneath each task, which you can see in the screenshot below.

Here’s an example of a task review:

In the Quality category of the TWB Community forum, you can find instructions on how to leave feedback after revising a translator’s work here: How to provide feedback after revision.

In your profile on the TWB platform, on the right side, you can see a Feedback section, listing your average scores from the reviews you received on your translation work. Please note that this section is only visible to you and TWB staff for informative purposes. You can see an example in the screenshot below.


If I realize changes have to be made on the feedback, how can I do it?

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Hello @Sari and thank you for your question! Reviews can’t be edited after they have been submitted. If you want to change anything, you’d need to submit another review. I hope this helps!


Hello Ambra,this was also my question and thank you for the answer


Glad to hear it was helpful @bijerome2012!


Hello TWB community,

So, after taking a look at the feedback of my first task which was almost humiliating I did download the output file to make a comparison with the one I submitted ( it was an online task off Kate) but I didn’t notice any changes.

Am I holding the right reviewed copy ?

PS: Don’t take me wrong, I just want to know my mistakes and to have an idea if the review part is controlled by the board and other translators or it just reflects the sense of subjectivity of the one who reviewed it .


Hi @Reda,
thank you for reaching out. A revisor is a volunteer as we are. Anyway, I am tagging our kind @Silvia_Mauri, so that she can look into it.
Thank you for your support!


Thank you @faretto5, I appreciate :pray: :smile:


Hi @Reda, thank you for reaching out to us here! I’m sorry to hear that you are upset about the feedback you received :confused:

I’ve looked into it and I’ve just sent you an email with more detailed information :slight_smile:


Hello @Silvia_Mauri

Well received, thank you so much for the clarification :blush: , I’ll do my best to provide a good quality translation.

@faretto5 ,@andfraz I’m grateful for your engagement ladies :pray: :blush:


Wonderful, thanks so much again for your support, @Reda! :sun_with_face:


Dear @Silvia_Mauri,

I have tagged you in another thread regarding a translation I would like feedback for (you’ll find more details in the relevant thread).
I have privately messaged the volunteer who I believe revised it but they haven’t read my message so I wonder if you could help contacting them.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Thanks a lot,



I have just received very bad feedback on my latest task, which doesn’t seem very fair to me.
The reviser reproach me “too many whitespaces left as far as the tags are concerned”, when I have been really careful about this and during the translation, the kato platform had not pointed out to me such error…
Also, the reviser tell me to : “check glossary or acronyms on organizations’ websites or on glossaries provided by the organizations in their instructions prior translation”. I did it precautionary, and I can tell that few names of organizations or standards are translated literally in the reviewed version but do not correspond to their names in French…
Also the reviser reproach me “Too many additions or omissions to try and obtain coherent sentences but which are a total contradiction to those of the original text”, but with the corrected version, which is a literal translation, many sentences are not “french” at all and are grammatically incorrect… And in the cases where I have had to adapt the translation to the French way of saying things, I have always been careful to respect the meaning of the original sentence
I’m sorry to request your point of view, but I’m just trying to understand, as my previous feedbacks was all good overall… I thought that a translation more adapted to the target language would be better than a too literal translation.
Honestly, I feel a bit frustrated that the reviser changed my whole work, which I had spent a lot of time on, and gave me bad feedback, while his translation looks like a machine translation, wich I think should be reviewed by someone …


Hi @athenais.bedard

Thank you for reaching out and for bringing this to our attention! I’m sorry to hear that you felt the review you got didn’t match the translation.

We will look into this and see whether the comments were warranted or not. We’ll get in contact with you shortly :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this doesn’t discourage you from taking on further projects, we really appreciate the work our volunteer translators do and greatly admire you committing time and resources to contribute to our work :raised_hands:

We also encourage reviewers to be as constructive as possible when they leave reviews, because we know it can be useful for translators to improve!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any other concerns, Bédard!

I hope you have a great week :sunflower:



I’ve just received feedback on a Spanish-English test I did a few months ago, and while I appreciate the reviewer is a volunteer and has put a lot of effort in, I completely disagree with the feedback (I’m a professional translator with years of experience). Is there any way to get a second opinion? I can go into more detail as to why I think the feedback is unfair if need be!




Hi @bethancunningham

Thanks for reaching out about this!

We’d be happy to look into this for you, I have just emailed you with more information :slightly_smiling_face: