How to find available tasks?

Not sure how to find available tasks for your language combinations? All info here! :arrow_down:

:clipboard: Make sure you updated your language combinations and completed your translator profile

:video_camera: Have a look at our video tutorial and FAQs on how to find and claim tasks in Kató Platform.

:face_with_monocle: If your language is not listed as a source/target language on the Kató Platform homepage, this means that there are currently no available tasks for your language.

:bulb: To make sure you don’t miss any available projects, sign up to email notifications and become a verified translator.

Hello ambra! I am a greek native speaker and I would like to translate english texts into greek.Please let me know if there is any text available for me.


Hello @Charalampia and welcome in the team! It seems that at the moment there are no available translations for that language combinations. This is how you can check all the available tasks:
And also some other useful links:
This is how you can get access to more tasks and projects:
I am here if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Since I registered Received no available task to translate.
Thanks to take my request into consideration.

Hi @Urielle_Dora, and welcome! You can find instructions on finding and claiming tasks here. We also have a video tutorial that may be helpful :slight_smile:

For other tips to get familiar with Kató Platform, I recommend checking out our Welcome Pack. And, of course, we are available to answer questions anytime!