Deadlines on the TWB Platform

When you claim a task on the TWB Platform, please remember that we depend on you to deliver the translation to the non-profit partner on time.

In a collaborative translation environment, other translators or reviewers may also be waiting on you to proceed with their work.

  1. Only claim a task on the TWB Platform if you are sure that you can deliver on time.
  • Please note that the time on which the task is due is displayed to you according to your local time zone. However, if you are viewing a task from the email notifications, the time will be displayed in UTC timing, and you can click on the blue heading of the task to check what the time would be in your time zone.
  1. If you find that you cannot deliver on time, please leave a comment on the TWB Community topic that was created for your project (in the Projects category). In some cases, it may be possible to extend the deadline.

  2. If you cannot deliver on time and the deadline cannot be extended, please unclaim the task to make it available to other translators.

:rotating_light:When translators register to work with TWB, they also agree to the Translator Code of Conduct and commit to deliver the highest standard of professional translations. ​They also commit to only undertake work they are competent to perform in the languages and subject areas for which they are qualified. :rotating_light:

Thank you for your support and for being part of the TWB translator community!


Hello there. I claimed a task: and couldn’t meet up with the deadline. I wish to request for an extension of the deadline to tomorrow please.
I hope my request will be given due consideration.
Thank you.

Nura Ahmad.

Hi Nura, the task is marked as complete, it seems that you have managed to submit it. Thank you! :slight_smile: Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Good evening,

I am requesting additional time to complete the translation task for Chunk 7 ; Swahili translation on Smile train and Spoon foundation to December 31 2019 if possible.

Thank you and Happy holidays!

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Hi Mboka, thank you for letting us know. I will tag my colleague @HannaW to see if she can extend the deadline.
In the future, please use the project thread to post any questions or comments related to the project you are working on. This is how you can find the right thread to post a message for the project you are working on (video tutorial )

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Hi Mboka, thank you very much for letting us know. We can expend the deadline to 39th December - no problem at all.

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Hi there,

I want to claim a task but it says the deadline is today at 1:50pm. It is obviously passed that now. Am I still able to claim? If I claim it and submit it later will it say I’ve done it late even though it had still been available past the deadline? Also why is it on Kató if the deadline has passed?

Many thanks,

Hi Imogen, no need to worry about delivering late, it will not be kept on file and the PM will extend the deadline as soon as possible. If it is still in Kato Platform, it means that is still needed - even if the deadline has passed :slight_smile:
Please feel free to claim it and post a message in the corresponding forum thread to let us know that the deadline needs to be extended.
This is how you can find the right thread to post a message for the project you are working on (video tutorial )


Thank you! Think it’s gone now but thanks as I now know for the future!

Imogen :slight_smile:

Was told I would receive a notification when the translation has been done, but I didn’t.

Will revise this morning.


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Hi Mireille, sorry about that. You should receive an automatic notification every time the revision task is ready to be revised. Maybe in the spam folder?
If it happens again, please let us know in the right thread (this is how you can find the right thread to post a message for the project you are working on)

i want to request extension for one more day

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Hello. Where can I check the deadline for my translation?

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Hi Iryna, I can see that you have already submitted your task, thank you! You can see the deadline, for example, in the claimed task section on your dashboard under “Due by”

Hello Paulina, Hello All,

If a task is posted with a due date of March 07 and it is March 09, what happens to the submission date? Oh! Tried to open the ZIP file and it’s impossible. Any other way we can see it ?
Thank you

Hi Jo, which is the project you are talking about? The Smile Train one?