How to extend deadlines on active projects

The deadline is one of the most important information that translators take into account when they decide to claim a new task. Translators will think twice before accepting a task with an overdue deadline. For this reason, deadlines need to be always up-to-date. Here you can learn how you can extend deadlines on TWB Platform:

  1. Go to the Dashboard
  2. Open the project which contains the overdue task
  3. Scroll down to the task in question, and click on Edit Task:

  1. Choose a new deadline using the calendar tool and make sure to check the box to publish your task. Then click on Update Task Details.

This is all! Thank you for helping us keep our platforms tidy and up to date. :bouquet:


Thank you Ambra, this is imformative.


If i can’t see the edit deadlines, means I have to finish that in time? I didn’t know how to accept the task. I first see that as available task and I wasn’t sure if I accepted it or not. Then it shows that I already accepted that job. So is that mean when I clicked on the link they sent to me, I accepted it?

Hi @Lum_Nan, very good questions! Below you’ll find instructions on claiming tasks, as well as a few other useful tips:

  • This page contains instructions and screenshots about claiming tasks on TWB Platform so that you can be sure that you are following all the steps.
  • This page has instructions and screenshots about completing tasks on TWB platform.
  • If you need extra help submitting a task, this page contains video tutorials that may help.

As for editing deadlines for tasks, only admin can change them, and we ask all translators to only accept tasks that they are certain they can complete on time. However, we understand that unforeseen issues can sometimes arise, and here you can find the steps we have outlined in case you are truly unable to meet a task deadline.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if anything is unclear or if you have any further questions :slight_smile:


Hi I claimed a task and would like an extension

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Good afternon, @akalolell - and, first of all, welcome to our comunity :partying_face: :tada:

To ask for a deadline extension, please leave a message on the thread associated with your task. That why, your PM will reply as soon as they see your message (probably, Monday morning, since we are now beyond the TWB team’s working hours).

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. :wink:

Have a great weekend! :beach_umbrella:


Hi @akalolell thanks for your message! I hope the information our lovely @andfraz provided was helpful, but here’s a video tutorial showing you how to find the correct discussion thread for your task :blush:


Thank you, so useful to know! Today I revised a task for which the deadline had already passed, but I had only claimed it after the deadline was over. I didn’t know what to do and hope that today’s task will be all fine, as I sent it off before I read your post just now. But it’s definitely useful for the future…! :grinning:

Hi @jasikreutzer and thank you for caring about submitting the task on time! :sunflower:

This process is actually applicable for our partners, but if you wish to request deadline extension on a task you’re working on, you can contact the Project Managers :date:

You can check this Manual :notebook_with_decorative_cover: (particularly p. 11) to know how to reach out to the Project Manager who supervises your task/s via email :email: or here on the forum.

I hope this helps! :dizzy:

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