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Welcome @Ellina, we are happy to have you in our community! :hugs:


Welcome to our community, @laurentia.m :hugs:

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Sarah, I am new to TWB having just completed my MA Translation Studies and so am very much looking forward to learning from you all and gaining some practical advice and experience. I have a question though, my language pair is Arabic to English but as yet it doesn’t seem as if there are tasks coming my way? I am wondering if this is due to a lack of demand? I am a native English speaker but am I also able to translate into Arabic, as I think this would give me more opportunities?

Im very much looking forward to getting started and making a contribution.



@sarah.williams40, Welcome to our community! :innocent:


Hi @sarah.williams40,
Please have a look at some quick links:
How to find and claim tasks
How to use Phrase TMS
How to submit a task in Phrase TMS
How to unclaim a task
Ask a question about a task
Quality at TWB
New to TWB?


Hi Thang,
Thank you for the links, I appreciate your kind help and will take a look so that I am fully prepared for my first task.

Thanks again,

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Hi everyone, it’s a pleasure to be part of this platform. I hope to translate many projects in the shortest time possible.
Thank you!


Welcome to our community, @marisolbonaudiu! :innocent:

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