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Our community gives people access to vital knowledge in their language by providing aid in humanitarian crisis response through translation and interpreting, translation and simplification services that are culturally appropriate, accessible and open-source, by building language translation capacity at the local level, and by raising awareness globally of language barriers



I want to be a translator volunteer but I don’t know how



Hello Yassmin, thank you for your interest. If you are able to post on this forum, it means you are already registered as a volunteer translator. Please read the topics here to find out how to use the platform.
Can you please explain which issues are you finding? If you can’t find translation tasks, please check this topic.



Hi, I’m @karina1 and I’m glad to meet you guys, and participating on the TWB translatiors project, I hope to work on those important humanitarian actions. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Karina, how are you? Welcome to TWB! If you would like to introduce yourself in the Lounge, feel free to :slight_smile:

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