Translators' Word Counts on Workspace and Kató Platform


Many translators asked how TWB keep track of translators contribution and why you cannot see the full list of tasks you worked on and words you produced in one place.

You probably noticed that TWB uses two different translation platforms at the moment. The TWB Workspace is the platform we have been using since 2011 and it is kindly offered by However, since we merged with The Rosetta Foundation in June 2017 we have been using another translation platform, Kató Platform. That platform has always been used for humanitarian and volunteer translations only and is managed by TWB.

When we have to credit a translator as part of our Recognition Program, we always consider the total word counts, and keep into account the words produced both on the Workspace and Kató Platform.

Checking your contribution is very easy. On the Workspace you have a badge with the words translated on that platform so far. On Kató Platform you can check your task history on “Claimed Tasks”:

We will be soon use only one platform to manage all our projects, and we will make sure that all translators information are kept in one place, where you will be able to see your statistics (including the words translated in the TWB Workspace and Kató Platform).

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