Criteria for sharing external announcement with the volunteer community

We are regularly in contact with many translation associations, universities, and non-profit organizations. They often ask us to share job offers, surveys, and other kinds of materials or announcements with our community of volunteers. :handshake:

This trend keeps increasing and we decided to establish and expand the criteria we have set for sharing external announcements with our community. You can find below some general indications. We analyze every case closely before we share it with the community. :mag_right:

External organizations or associations eligible for community advertisement :white_check_mark:

Who are we assisting? Who can re-share announcements on our platforms?

  • Fellow NGOs or nonprofit organizations. The project or program they are sharing, or we are sharing on their behalf, has a clear humanitarian purpose. This includes language services work, job openings and job opportunities (both in-person and remote), surveys, research studies, interviews, courses, and training opportunities.
  • Companies, associations, or individuals whose values are consistent with the mission and vision of CLEAR Global/Translators without Borders. In this case especially, the company, association, or individual can share a project or program on our platform if it:
    • Supports vulnerable people
    • Deals with advancements in the natural environment, like climate emergency-related content
    • Has as an objective benefit for affected communities
    • Deals with health services and related activities
    • Is an in-house job opportunities from LSP sponsors/donors (e.g. Project/Vendor manager, Language Lead, etc.)

:+1: Examples of eligible content:

:no_entry: The following types of organizations or projects are NOT eligible:

  • General calls for translator roles from LSPs (including from our sponsors and donors)
  • Individuals looking for pro-bono translation of personal documents or individuals looking for services targeting a specific person and not a group of affected individuals or populations
  • Opportunities with too vague descriptions, without enough information to assess the credibility of the opportunity or say whether it might be a scam

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