Non-profit needs translation EN or ES into FR: Website on children's rights in justice systems (unpaid)

I am writing on behalf of the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO), which is a non-profit that works to promote the rights of children in conflict with the law at a national and international level. Children who are suspected or accused of a crime and become involved with justice systems.
You can find more info here:

In its current state, the IJJO is mainly sustained through non-remunerated collaborations from different professionals, usually juvenile justice related, though this time we would need a translator.

Its website, or basically the main presentations for each sections, are currently available in English and Spanish, and would need to be translated into French at some point. Maybe a French native translator could be interested in helping.
When we have the translation, if possible I will review it with them using my knowledge of Spanish, English and French, to make sure that with a little tweaking here and there in the end there is the best possible version to publish for the introductions of each section.

Let me know if you would be interested, and thank you very much in advance.



Hello Alfonso,
I’m interested in helping you! I’m a native french speaker with a degree in English.


Thank you Elisabeth! Please email your CV to and we’ll arrange a skype chat from there to give you details on how it would go.


I forgot to add that if you are interested in helping in this way, please contact the IJJO at with the reference FRENCH TRANSLATION Please include a CV to make it easier to know you. Thank you very much!


Hi Alfonso, I would be interested in helping out. let me know if the offer is still open. I am English but have lived in France since 1975 and I have become a native speaker.


The response has been great, and we have accepted the kind offer of help of one of the translators who contacted. I am writing this because I don’t know if I am allowed to erase my original post, and just wanted to let know that it was successful, so many thanks to the platform and to those that showed interest.


Hola Alfonso!
Me gustaría formar parte del proyecto, mi idioma nativo es el español y mi segundo idioma es el francés.


Hi @alexitaquirogam

Welcome to TWB! and thank you for your interest in this opportunity :dizzy:

Let’s tag @Alfonso who’ll kindly let us know if the opportunity is still available :innocent:

Dear @alexitaquirogam and @Aya.Alrifai,

Yes, the task is completed. Thank you for your kind offer in any case, Alexita.

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Ya hemos completado esta tarea. Gracias de todos modos Alexita