Spanish speaking volunteer interpreters needed

:question: Volunteer interpretering
:speech_balloon: Interpreting between families and medical staff
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This project is not in partnership with TWB – We are just helping spread the word!

Stony Brook Hospital on Long Island is currently in dire need of bilingual people who can help translate between medical staff and patients/families. They have a particular need for Spanish speakers. No medical background needed, just the ability to help bridge that communication gap.

This would all be done remotely, through Zoom/Skype/Facetime, and no specific hours are necessary. The hospital is looking for a deep bench of volunteers they can call on during those moments when they need this sort of help.

Anyone interested should contact Please also think of people you know who is bilingual (particularly in Spanish) and who would be interested in pitching in, and please forward this message to them! Even if you can’t help with this initiative, you can spread the word by copying and pasting this anywhere!


My name is Natalia Monsalve, and I am interested in helping out to translate for medical staff for Stony Brook Hospital. I currently work as an Emergency Department Technician at George Washington University Hospital, so I do have a medical background and am proficient in medical Spanish, as well as being a native Spanish speaker. You are welcome to reach me at for any follow-up information or to coordinate translating services. Hope to hear soon.

Hi Natalia, this project isn’t ours so if interested please contact - we aren’t involved at all. Thanks!

Hello Rosseana,

I’d learned about your seeking Spanish interpreters through a friend about a week ago and sent you an email to (no capital letters after @). That might have been the reason why I never got a reply. I am an experienced translator with very little experience as an interpreter, seeking for interpreting opportunities to practice as I help others. I’ll be completing a course on remote interpreting at this week and am looking forward to interpreting in real settings. I really hope you get to see this message! :slight_smile: You can email me at Looking forward to your reply!


Hi ; I am an French/American Registered Nurse trilingual English/French/Spanish certified in English/Spanish interpretation.
my profile is : TWB Kató


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Thank you @rocambole93! We posted this opportunity in April last year, so it may not be available anymore. But you can always contact to find out more :smiley:


I wrote to the email for this volunteer oportunity, I got a reply from Roseanna Ryan saying there is no such need for interpreters.

Hi @martellbety24 It seems that the opportunity is no longer available because it’s been a while since it was posted :confused: but you may find it useful to check this link to see the paid and unpaid opportunities we post for our translators and interpreters :innocent: also make sure you watch it :eyes: to receive notifications when new opportunities are announced :bell: