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Please can you tell me the best equivalent for the words " ecosystem" and "localisation in Arabic?

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Hello Yomna,

Ecosystem: النظام البيئي
Localisation: التكييف المحلي / توطين/ أقلمة /تحديد

Ebtihal :cherry_blossom:


Thanks a lot Ebtihal :cherry_blossom:


Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding some of the translation tasks I’ve worked on (English to Arabic). Do I translate the author names as well? For some organizations, the tasks are from research studies, and there are many names for the authors who worked on the project. What is the correct protocol?

Also, this question applies to acronyms and abbreviation as well.

Hello there Aalya,

Thank you for raising a very important question!
As a rule of thumb, you should always translate acronyms, abbreviations, and author names (as well as the other parts of references etc.) unless there are instructions telling you to keep them in the source language.
Ideally, official translations should always be used, but since they are not always available, you can instead translate the acronym or abbreviation yourself, and then include the English between brackets. (You do not have to do this with names unless you are not sure of how to translate them)
The same issue (and more) has already been discussed in the Arabic Style Guide which you can view here:
Hope this helps!

thanks alot mohannad
it is very great guide for clarification and TWB style

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Thank you for your help in advance. While translating a task by TWO I have found two terms “the oncomelanid snail burden”, “Oncomelania hupensis” that I searched on Wikipedia though knew the whole concept of the idea but not finding exact expression to it.

Hi, @Sara15! Thank you for reaching out :slight_smile: I believe you’re referring to this task, is that correct? If that’s the case, you can always find the Kató Community topic for any task you’re working on by going to your Claimed Tasks on Kató Platform and clicking the link next to “Discuss this task on Kató Community.”

I’ll tag the PM for this project in your project’s Kató Community topic so that she can see your question and let us know about a translation for these terms.

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