Resources Contributed by Community

We have a great community whose generosity is is revealed in how they volunteer, offering their valuable time, knowledge, and skills. Some of these heroes even go the extra mile. They consider fellow translators and put together resources aimed at helping them. This is the place where we say thank you and showcase their contributions.

For Arabic, our amazing @Ebtihal has provided a glossary that covers several areas, including law, social science, and even technical areas. You can find the glossary attached to this post. Big thank you to @Ebtihal for this amazing gesture!
Ebtihal’s Glossary.xlsx (57.3 KB)


Thank you so much for your amazing efforts you made for this contribution Muhannad, this is the least I could do to the organisation! :heart::heart:
Happy translation to all my colleagues out here! :heart::heart:


Thank you @Ebtihal! You’re a star :star2:

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Thank you @NataliaG :heart::heart: