TWB Arabic Glossary



I would like to draw you kind attention to the following:
A quick glance at the English Arabic Glossary, I came across the following:
An Attending Physician is stated as (الطبيب الحاضر) the correct listening for this terms should be (الطبيب المناوب)


Dear @Rassanhoury21, thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will look into the matter. You might also be interested in our TWB Arabic Glossary and Terminology Discussion thread.
@Dace FYI


My pleasure Rebeccabdhlovu! Thanks for the link!


Thank you, @rebeccandhlovu and @Rassanhoury21!
@Muhannad9222, would you like to join the conversation?


Hello everyone,

Thank you @Dace and @rebeccandhlovu for bringing this to my attention.
Thank you @Rassanhoury21 for letting us know! Your suggested translation of “الطبيب المناوب” is quite correct in certain contexts. The Glossary is undergoing review, so please feel free to let me know if you have any other suggestions. We really appreciate your feedback. Thank you once again! :slight_smile:


Hello one and all, @Muhannad9222, @rebeccandhlovu and @Dace
Am glad to be of help, thank you for your kind words and encouragements!
I’d like to add a simple point, just for the sake of argument: Are Glossaries important? Absolutely, without a doubt! Yet, they are context-based as correctly pointed out by Mr. @Muhannad9222. Wouldn’t this create a bit of a problem to some translators? Glossaries are not 100% correct, all the time, for all the people! And being heavily dependent on the culture has its own toll on the type or glossaries one uses and consults. So, which is more important and more reliable, a glossary or a terminology bank? When even the latter is guilty of being culture-dependent!!


Hello again, @Rassanhoury21
In an answer to your argument, I would like to say that a glossary is a glossary. It is a list of words and is meant to serve a particular purpose. It is a reference and an aid for the weary translator. It is not a shackle aimed at limiting possible meanings. A translator should use all that is available to him or her, be that glossaries, term banks, dictionaries, personal judgment etc. Of course, that would be daunting at first, but would become easier with experience.
This is why a translator is a translator, after all. If any single tool or reference source was enough, there would be no need for human translators. :slight_smile: