What is translation quality for Translators without Borders?

What is translation quality for Translators without Borders?

TWB’s vision for quality is community-driven. We strive to empower translators to do their best work when volunteering with us. This means being open and clear regarding the criteria we use for quality assessments, and offering the necessary tools, information, and training to empower our translators. Rather than just keeping scores, we want you to build on the work you do with us and improve your understanding of translation quality as a whole.

Agreeing on a definition of quality in translation is not always easy. The factors and the importance of each of them can vary greatly. TWB’s vision for quality and quality management considers many elements: the context, the aim, the audience, our partners’ needs, and current industry standards.

We work with an industry standard called harmonized DQF-MQM Quality Metrics. This framework offers tools to manage translation quality. It outlines the different categories that translators and revisers need to consider when they work on a project. It also classifies possible issues and organizes them according to their impact on the target text.

Our goal is to train our community on these categories and apply them to monitor quality. In this way, we can offer our partners the language support they need and also generate healthy feedback loops within our teams of translators.

Learn more about the Harmonized DQF-MQM Typology here, or browse through the topics in the Translation Quality section in Katò Community!