Leaving feedback after a revision task

As a community of linguists, it is important to leave feedback on translations so that volunteers can continuously improve and develop their skills :star2:

Once you have submitted a revision task, you will receive an email inviting you to leave some brief constructive feedback and a score for the translator! All you have to do is click on the link in the email that will take you to the feedback page.

You can check out our guidelines on leaving constructive feedback here:

Please remember to leave constructive feedback that will help the translator understand why you’ve made any changes! Hurtful or inappropriate feedback will not be tolerated :no_entry_sign:

If you have any questions you can reach out to us or the project manager and we’ll be happy to help out :smiley:

Thanks for being part of TWB’s community! Your volunteer work will help people around the world access information in a language they can understand :star2: :hugs:


Hi Charlotte,

How are you?

I recently revised a task a couple of days ago and left a review based on another post that described how to leave a review and feedback on Memsource suggested by @andfraz. I would like to make sure that my feedback definitely went through and I’m not sure how to go about that?

After leaving feedback, it did say that it was accepted after trying a few times, but I’d like to be absolutely sure.

Are there any suggestions that you can give me?


Hi @parisianbookworm87

I’m good! I hope you’re well too :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, when TWB moved over to our new translation tool Memsource, we had a brief period where translators would have to follow the instructions from @andfraz to leave reviews on tasks!

We’ve now fixed it to make the process easier for the community, and you can follow the instructions above to leave feedback on revision tasks :smiley:

The review you left on the revision task was received! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, Ava :pray:


Thank you, @charlotte1 .

I appreciate your response :-).


Hello, I’ve completed my revising task like a week ago, but still no review to it. I would like to know if this is normal. I really wanted some feedback of my work.

Thank you.

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Hi @Rebeca_Ventura

Firstly welcome to the TWB Community :star_struck: :star2:

I’ve moved your post to this thread which has more information about leaving feedback.

Just to clarify, we don’t give feedback on revision tasks. The linguist who has taken on the revision task can leave feedback for the linguist who completed the translation task :+1:

For translations, whilst we strongly encourage revisers to leave feedback, it is optional and so sometimes you won’t receive feedback on your translation! But, you can always download the revised version and compare the two to see what was changed :smiley:


Hi @charlotte1

I would like to know how can I download the revised version of my translation. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you.

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Hi @Mariangelesm

When the entire project is complete, a button will appear under the task in your “Claimed Task” section that says “Download Revised Version”. You can click this button to download the revision of your translation :+1:


Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi @charlotte1 and @Aya.Alrifai :wave:
I just did my first revision task and I would like to give some feedback to the translators, but I believe there were three different translators working on the part of the document that I reviewed, and the scores would be different between them. What should I do in this case? Many thanks!

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Hi @Linettefield and many thanks for your interest in leaving feedback for fellow translators! :dizzy:

If you refer to the automated email you received after marking the revision complete, you’ll see a link to a page that includes three sections, each one is specified to leave feedback for a translation task identified by a range of segments. Please let me know if you can find them :eyes:

If you can’t find the link, or need assistance in leaving the feedback, you can contact us at translators@translatorswithoutborders.org and we will b happy to provide our support :innocent:

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Thank you @Aya.Alrifai! I should have checked the link before asking sorry :woman_facepalming:t2:, indeed you are right. I will try to complete in the next couple of days!

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No worries at all! We are always her to help :orange_heart: :blush: