What is a false positive?


I am still relatively news to the world of translations. I have come up a few time with the term ‘false positive’. Can someone please explain to me what this means.

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When running QA (quality assurance) reports, you will encounter false positives. They are correct segments wrongly flagged as errors.

Source (en-GB): Could we meet on 3/4/2017 at 2:30pm?
Target (fr-FR): Est-ce qu’on peut se rencontrer le 3 avril 2017 à 14h30?
Number ‘4’ is missing from the target, so that would be marked as an error – however we know the date is correctly localized, so that’s a false positive.

You can find this example and some more information on the topic in this article.


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Question about false positives:
So if a false positive shows up and, like in your example, things are correct, What follows?
Just check it as completed?

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Sometimes (depending on the projects settings set by the project manager) you cannot complete a task without running the QA. So, when you run the QA, mark the false positives as “ignore”, then complete the task. If you encounter fals positives in a task that can be submitted without running the QA, just ignore them and click on “Complete” when you’re finished with the translation.

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