Tag mismatch

I have tag mismatches but I can’t figure out how to adjust them. Thank you.

Hi Amal, are you talking about the revision task for Infectious Diseases of Poverty? I see you have done it already and you need to submit it (video tutorial and FAQs ), do you need anything else from us?

Tagging @MiriamTWB to keep her in the loop.

Apologies Ambra for the late reply. I have a problem with the English formulas; when you translate into Arabic, it is the opposite direction of English, meaning you read from right to left. This has caused a problem with the English formulas.

Hello @Amal4 ,
I understand that you may be having a problem with the tags and how the text is displayed.
I can provide you with a guide on how to handle the tags. Please check page 6 (Kató Tips for Arabic) the Arabic Style Guide for instructions on how to handle tags:
As for how the text is displayed, you can download the document and check if it looks fine. Since you are not translating the English formula, you can simply copy it along with the tags surrounding it to the target.
Hope this helps. Do let me know should you have any other questions!

Thank you Muhannad for your message. I will try and see how it goes. All best, Amal