Handling tags and untranslatable segments on Kató TM



The translation tool behind Kató Translation Memory (Kató TM) is the open-source MateCat system. It uses tags to guarantee layout and formatting correspondence between source text and target text. Tags are codes in the source text that will ensure the target layout will be the same. If the tags are not introduced in the target text, that segment will appear as untranslated.

If you click on the icon below the input field, you can toggle between the full and the shortened view of the tags.

Entering tags into the target segment is possible in three ways:

  1. Enter the symbol < to see the list of tags found in the source segment and click Enter to select the one you need to add to your translation
  2. Select, drag and drop the tags from the source segment into the target one, where you can also move them around
  3. Press on the new-copy-tag icon to copy the tags from the source to the target segment (the tags are added to the end of the text in the target segment and appear in the same order as in the source)

Whenever there are some tags that you do not wish to use in the target file, they shouldn’t be deleted. Deleted tags and tag issues will result in “Untranslated Content” in the target file. The way to solve this issue is to keep the tags in the segment, not at their original place, but at the end of the segment. All you need to do is to add the tags at the end of the segment in the exact order of their appearance in the source.

For this, simply click on the black and white rhombus sign under the segment to transfer all the remaining tags to the target, as showed in the picture below.

You can also come across untranslatable segments. Kató TM unfortunately doesn’t support the protection of untranslatable segments. When translators come across such segments, they should:

  1. Use the > symbol between the source and target segments to copy the source segment to the target side.
  2. Do not click the Translated button; instead, after copying the source, just move to the next segment.

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