Phrase TMS Web Editor: the Layout

Web Editor Layout

The editor has a top bar with drop-down menus and a bar with quick access tools buttons below it, right above the source and target segments.
You can also find a Status Bar on the bottom of the page.
If reference files are associated with a project, they will be indicated by a blue paper clip paperclip.png in the top bar.

The screen is divided into working areas, called panes.

:arrow_left: Left side:

  • At the top, you can find source and target segments where you can input your translation. Learn how to work on the segments in this thread.
  • Below the segments area, you can find the In-Context Preview box.

:arrow_right: Right side: you can switch between the panes listed below by clicking on their names in the bar at the bottom.

Phrase TMS Editor for Web layout screenshot:

You can also use the Phrase TMS Desktop Editor to work on your tasks and deliver them. Take a look at this thread to learn how.