Number of translated words and tasks not showing in Workspace

I have done one translation task of 745 words and also completed two revision tasks. My statistics in Workspace are showing no words translated and no tasks completed. Is this because these tasks were done in Kató rather than Workspace? I am confused about how the two systems communicate with each other, if at all. Where do I find my statistics in Kató? Only by looking at all the completed tasks, or is there a summary somewhere?


Hello Mary, thank you for your message! The TWB Workspace and Kató Platform are two separate platforms that don’t communicate with each other, except for the authentication system (you can log in on Kató Platform using your TWB Workspace profile information). This is why the tasks completed on one platform don’t appear on the other. However, both platforms are managed by TWB and we consider both platforms to track record of translators’ contribution (for example, when we prepare a reference letter for them).

I can see all the tasks you completed on Kató Platform, from the Claimed Task button. What kind of statistics would like to see? We’re eager to know - your feedback is important for us!

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Hi @ambra: It would be great to see the same as on Workspace: number of words translated and number of tasks completed.

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Thank you, we will take this into consideration :slight_smile: I agree that it is an important feature to have.

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Hi everyone! :star2:
For those of you who were wondering about the TWB Workspace and Kató Platform:

:exclamation::exclamation: All our projects are now posted on Kató Platform, our main translation environment :exclamation::exclamation:

You can create your Kató Platform account here. It will take only a couple of minutes :clock1: When you register, don’t forget to update your profile by adding your native language and language combinations and sign up to email notifications :email:

We recently merged all the word count information we have in the two platforms, and now the total word count for the work done on both platforms is shown on Kató Platform :medal_sports: The TWB Workspace is used only as a repository for past information only. All of your words produced, including those translated in the Workspace, are visible on your Translator badge in Kató Platform. You can learn more about your Translator badge in this thread in Kató Community.