How to became TWB verified translator?

Could you please tell me requirements to be a TWB verified translator ? my language pairs are amharic, tigrinya and english. I am available to work more for TWB project. Thank you!

Hi @abogida23

All the information about verified translators can be found here: How to become a TWB Verified Translator? Note that it was updated in January with the information that

This process is no longer active. We are keeping the thread visible for reference only.

But there is a Community Recognition Program in place, where you can exchange the points you received for the words donated for some perks. These perks are: a certification of volunteer activity for 5,000 points accrued, a reference letter for 15,000 points accrued and a recommendation on professional platforms for 30,000 points accrued. Note that these state that you are a TWB volunteer, not a verified one.

Happy translating,


Thank you for your information :pray:

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