Community Recognition Program

Haha, good question! Not many people reach that milestone :slight_smile: we are working on expanding our recognition program, so I hope I will be able to properly answer this question in a few months :medal_sports:


Hi, I would like to know how I can see the cumulated word count on Kato.

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I will eagerly await your answer. You should probably make milestones every hundred thousand words and of course at the 1 million words :smiley:


Hello, you can easily find it by logging in Kato and then going to your profile. You will see your translator badge on the right side of the screen :wink:

Hi ambara,
I am new at this forum and website looks very confusing to start the work and contribute, how you find it?

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Hello, thank you for registering with TWB! I know our translation environment may look confusing at first but you’ll see you will learn to navigate it in no time.

I see you haven’t completed your translator profile yet. This is how you can update your language combinations (FAQs ) and complete your profile.
Once you are done, you can easily find and claim a task (video tutorial and FAQs ) or unclaim it if you realize you can’t work on it (video tutorial and FAQs ).
And if you complete a task, please rememebr to submit it (video tutorial and FAQs ).

I’d be happy to help you! Also remember to check our welcome pack where you will find more info.

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Hello @Ambra, how are you? I hope you are safe and well.
I would like to know how I acquire the TWB translator badge in my Proz profile. I only have 225 W translated as part of the En>Es test I took a month ago.
Another doubt I have is if I am eligible for a WWA at Proz.
And the last one, I’ve been wondering how to find projects to help…I couldn’t find any yet, they all seem locked.
Thank you very much for your help.
Ps: This is my Proz id: 139495
LinkedIn: 95579ab4

Hi Daniela, thanks for your message! That’s great to hear you have taken the test with us - your test has been sent to a reviewer so should we have the results for you very soon :slight_smile:

In order to embed the TWB Badge in your Proz profile, please follow the instructions listed in this thread.

Regarding WWA, you will be eligible for this when you reach the 40,000 words threshold.

I am sorry you have not been able to access tasks yet! Once you are verified you will have access to more tasks in your language pair as well as revision tasks. Nonetheless, new tasks are popping up all the time, so please keep an eye on the available tasks in Kató Platform. If you need help finding tasks, please take a look at this video tutorial on how to find and claim tasks.

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Hello Joanna! I hope you’re well and safe.
My test has already been corrected and I’m happy to have earned my first badge! This test I took(En>Es) was taken in Kató platform, which I really liked btw. Does this turn me into a verified translator? I’m asking because I am new here and trying to understand how it works. I also have taken the tests for my other pairs in the linked Proz platform. I hope to be verified so I can have access to the projects and start helping asap. I want to use the extra time I have nowadays to do what I like most!
Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Daniela, how are you? I see that you have completed your test, but it hasn’t been reviewed yet. It should be in the next week. If the reviewer gives a positive feedback, then we will change your status to Verified Translator.
Thank you very much for your generosity :hugs:

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Be patient, take as many projects as you can and believe me, you’ll be there (maybe quicker than you thought)…Just a peer’s advice :wink:


Are you my 1 million words peer? :open_mouth:

Not yet :wink: I’m still at 686.890 words in 2 years


Hi Ambra
Up to the moment I have not received my Proz recognition.
Any clues?

Can someone explain how recognition points work? I have over 50K words on Kato platform, and over 37K on TWB workspace. But monthly email says I have only 32K points. How and where can I find out if I reach 50K point threshold or not?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Lum_Nan :sunny: that’s a great question!

Firstly, the word count in Kató Platform is the combined word count of work done in Workspace and Kató Platform. The Workspace word count is for work completed in Workspace only. If you would like more information on this please visit this thread.

Regarding the points, for your recognition program you receive 1 point for every word you translate, and 0.5 points for every word you revise.

I hope this clears things up for you, but please let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Hi Ambra, nice to meet you! I’ve been searching for EN-ES translations but I know they’re hard to find. Do you know if I can make any contributions with test reviews? I’d love to offer some help. Thanks in advance!

Hello @Juan_Martin :blush:
I know that you’ve taken the EN>ES test to become a Kató Verified Translator, if you pass it you’ll have access to all our tasks including the revision tasks and I’m sure you’ll have more luck finding tasks. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible :zap: in the meantime keep looking, and thanks for your desire to help!


Could you explain me more about the recognition program.
Thank you so much

Hi Lourdes, how are you? All the information is in this thread, but if you have specific questions we would gladly answer them, just let us know!