Can I add TWB to my LinkedIn profile?

Hi all, can I add working as volunteer translator for TWB on LInkedIn? Many thanks.


Good afternoon, @Georgiana :sun_with_face: - and welcome to our comunity :partying_face:

The short answer is yes. :slight_smile:

Indeed, you can add all your volunteer work experiences to your LinkedIn account.

You may, however, need to ask for a certificate from organizations you work with as a volunteer to prove that information (or for someone working there to act as a referee for you) if you apply to a job.

Also, you may want to have a look at the General Kató Translators Recognition Program. I believe you will find it useful.

Happy translating! :tada:

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Have a great afternoon, Georgiana. :beach_umbrella:


Good afternoon @andfraz Thank you for your prompt reply.

That’s great. I know you can get a reference if you needed for a job. I am not a translator yet (need to finish my BA and then the masters in translation). So I signed up to TWB to gain experience.

Thank you so much again.

Have a great afternoon too :slight_smile:


Hi @Georgiana lovely to hear from you! As @andfraz said you are very welcome to mention your contribution to TWB in your LinkedIn profile :slight_smile: You can also embed your translator badge in your Proz profile following these instructions.

And you are quite right, we do provide reference letters to our translators :star2: However to make it fair for everyone, we ask that you first reach certain word count thresholds. To see the thresholds, have a look at our thread on the General Recognition Program.

If you would like access to more tasks in your language pair, you can consider becoming a Kató Verified Translator! This will increase your chances of finding tasks that match your skills, interests and time schedule :wink: To find out more, please visit this page.

Let us know if you have any questions! :sunny:


Wow I thought embedding our TWB badge in our Proz page was something we couldnt do anymore ( no idea why I thought that). Guess I know what Im up to on Monday. :grin:


Hi @JoannaW thank you for this information. I have done 2 tests on the Verified Translator page: English to Romanian and Spanish to English. I believe I submitted these last week.
It is a little difficult to find texts to translate with my language combinations (English, Spanish. French). And i haven’t seen Romanian included in the language list at all.
I will keep an eye on the platform and will claim and translate the tasks that are suitable to me.
Thank you again

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