Why can't I find task?

Hello, Why can’t I find task to claim? I log in daily to check if there are available tasks, and I can’t find one. I also try to use filter to find tasks, but even when my language’s pairs are available I don’t have tasks that I could claim. I just want to know if there is a problem with my profile or i it is just that I am unlucky and when I log in all tasks are already claimed.

Thanks to who will answer this. Have a nice day!


Hi @Clara.travaglianti, and thanks for reaching out! :wave:

If you didn’t find any tasks on your homepage, it simply means that there are no available tasks in your language pairs.

And If you’d like, you can sign up to receive daily task stream emails. You will receive an email when tasks are available in your language pairs. :envelope_with_arrow:

As far as I know the test to become a verified translator is no longer required and your verification will depend on several good reviews and feedback.

You can find out more on this thread :arrow_right:

Have a great day! :dizzy: :sparkles:

Best regards. Lilav.


Hello Clara!

I am not an expert on the technicalities of our system, but I think that if you can’t see any tasks available - they have probably already been claimed or there aren’t any at that particular time, like Lilav says. You may want to check e-mail notification settings in your profile and set it up to “daily”, so you can receive an e-mail, when there is a task available in your languages combination. I believe some language combinations are more popular than others, so it is a good idea to check the available tasks frequently - sometimes when I get e-mails with the notifications, the tasks mentioned in them are already gone :smile:

I hope this will help :slightly_smiling_face:




Thank you for your help !

Thank you , I will check more often then!

Hey @Clara.travaglianti, Thanks so much for reaching out!! As our colleagues mentioned, it could only be that there are no tasks at the time you are looking or other times, the tasks are claimed very very quickly by the volunteers with the same language pair. Don’t give up, keep an eye out!
I would however like to flag something that @Lilav_Alarashi mentioned about Verification. We are actually moving away and are no longer doing verifications as tasks are available to everyone now. :hugs:

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Thank you so much , I will check more often then.

Hi Clara,

I’ve noticed the same issue with my language pairs. Unfortunately, it looks like the overall number of projects has declined over the past several years, at least this is my personal impression. I definitely remember the time when a translator could select from multiple available projects.

Well, probably the only thing we can do now is to sign up for the daily email notifications and wait.

Best of luck with your upcoming projects!