Updates on the profile tab from the TWB platform?


I noticed that on my profile tab from the TWB platform there are two badges now, one for the words donated and another one for the hours donated (and further down another one for recognition points, but that one has been there for a while and I know what’s it about).

I cannot find any information regarding the hours donated badge and I have a few questions:

  • How are these hours calculated?
  • Is it going to be a category on its own, or will it be dependent on the words donated? For example, every time I complete a 1,000 word task, 1,000 words will be added to my words donated badge and 1 hour (say) to my hours badge?
  • If these two badges are connected, will the words donated so far be converted into hours as well?
  • If the badges are not connected, how will we know which task will go towards the words badge and which one will go towards the hours badge?

Happy translating!

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It’s interesting to know, but nothing changes on my profile tab. There’s only one badge about words donated as usual. I also donated some “hours” of work before, but all was converted into “words donated”.

Hello @ElenaF
I’ve noticed this too.
And I’m curious about what the number of hours stands for.

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Hello @ElenaF and @Hiba,

I can’t find the badge that contains the number of the hours in my profile! Where is it?! Can you share a screenshot for it?!
I just see two badges; one of them has the number of words and the other one has the number the recognition points!


Hello, @Dalia1
Maybe the update is gradual, you know, like on social media.
But here’s a screenshot :blush:


Hey @Dalia1 ,

It should be right below yours words donated badge. Here’s mine:

I guess we just need to wait until TWB releases an official newsletter about this upgrade to find out more.

Happy translating!


Hi @ElenaF and @Hiba,

Thank you for sharing the screenshots!

I don’t have this badge yet but it’s clear from the screenshots that the number of hours is not matching the number of the donated words! So, I think they are just in the process of adding this badge but they didn’t add it officially yet!

So, definitely the current number of the hours is not the actual number! Don’t worry! :smile:

@ElenaF I agree with you Elena! Let’s all wait the update regarding this!

Have a great day! :sunflower:


Hello and thank you for getting this conversation started :star2: yes indeed, this is a new update we are working on and we haven’t had the chance to have official communications around this - also, not many people would have noticed the change at some point. You can expect to hear more in the next few months.

To reply to your questions @ElenaF, the hours you see on the badge refer to tasks you completed that can be credited by minutes and not words.
Here is an example:

This means that the two badges are independent - one shows all the words donated and the other is starting to show the hours donated, for the tasks that don’t have a word tracker. We thought this would have shown better the extent of someone’s contribution. Sometimes, if credited by words, some tasks wouldn’t really show how much time and effort a person needed to complete them. It would be the case, for example, of voiceover or captioning tasks.


Hello @ambra!

Thank you very much for your explanation! It does make sense to credit hours separately for certain tasks, like, for example, my two alignment tasks, where the words didn’t matter as much as the time spent on making sure the source and target texts match.

It’s exciting to know there’ll be two badges from now on!

Happy translating,



this is the first time that i am opening my project in phrase and i found it pre-translated by artificial intelligence ,
i thought it was an error but when i scroll i can read :
" phrase language AI ( google translate ) automatically generated

how can i delete all the segments translated with AI so i can do my human translation?


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Hello @me5!

You don’t need to delete the AI translated segments, just do post editing. You will find all the information you need in this thread.

Hi @me5,

In this case, I think it’s best to contact the Project Manager and see what they recommend. To find out their e-mail address, go to your Claimed Tasks tab, find the task in question, click on the name of the project (where it says “Part of”, see where the arrow is pointing in the image below).

You will be redirected to the project page and you will find the e-mail address of the PM under the column “Created” (see where the arrow is pointing in the image below).

Or, from your Claimed Tasks tab, find the task in question and click on the link after “Discuss this task on TWB Community”, which will open a new tab for you, with the thread from this forum about the project (see where the arrow is pointing in the image below).

Also, I just want to let you know that when you will become a translator, you will work with different clients and agencies, and your projects won’t always be human translation, because it’s more time consuming than machine translation and time is an important factor in some cases. So, it might help to become acquainted with post editing at some point. TWB have a free course on it. RWS (the translation company behind Trados, among others) also have a free course on PE MT.

Don’t worry, someone at TWB will help you with your dilemma really quickly.

Happy translating,

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