Update word counts

The numbers of words that i translated are not updated, I can see the correct number of tasks i completed but the words are not updated. How do I fix it?

Hi Lum Nan and thanks for reaching out. I see that you have completed 12 tasks, for a total of 11,692 words. This is correctly reflected in your Worskspace badge. Can you please let me know where you can’t see the updated words? Please remember that TWB uses two different translation platforms at the moment, but when we calculate points we consider the work done in both platforms, so you have nothing to worry about: all the work you do counts towards your point balance.

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Hi Ambra,

I completed my first task in the Kato platform last night. It still shows 0 on my profile. My Proz number is 46,410 since June 6, 2019. I will be happy to know where you updated the latest work.



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Hi Sonia, thanks for reaching out. The Translator badge on TWB Platform updates every day at 9 GMT. :clock9: This means that it can take up to 24 hours for your badge to be up to date with the last task you submitted. If you see that after 24 hours your badge is not showing the correct word count for the tasks translated on TWB Platform only, please let us know.

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Thank you for this important information.
So, both the numbers will change, at ProZ and Kato?

Hi Sonia, the picture you posted is the one for your TWB Translator badge. I am referring to that one only in my previous message.

I just checked your TWB Workspace badge (which is the one showing in ProZ) and I see 47,158 words translated. Is this correct?

You are right. It changed and added up the last task done in Kato. But the number of task remained 28 as before.

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