Subtitling Course

Hi, I’d like to know if this course is available because it is not appearing any content only the Topics, thanks.

Hello peer, you should find the course here,


Hi Iris - I’m trying to access the Subtitling Course, but the page keeps asking me to log in (again?) and then won’t accept my TWB login details. Do I need to create another account to access the training materials? Thanks!


First of all, thanks for talking about that course (I didn’t know it was there). By the way, it might still be in “making of” mode, since I don’t see any materials whatsoever…As to your login, you might need to create another account (specific to

Got it, thanks a lot!

Hi @Iris,

I guess the Subtitling course is still in the making process? Still can’t see any content, just the Topic links. I ask again just because your last answer was a couple months ago.



Hey, sorry for the late answer. Yep the links are still there, without any content.


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Hi @Daniela08 and @Iris! Yes, the subtitling course is still in progress, we will certainly update the community once it becomes available :sparkles:


I have a problem getting the certificate of the training course on humanitarian interpretation and the training course on humanitarian translation although I finished the test and got the grades of all their elements. In the training course on humanitarian translation also, I can not find the calculated weight of each item in the user report so what does that mean? and how can I close the course and get my certificate as happened with the other course “Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for Kató Translators”?
and thank you in advance.

Hi @Aya7, these courses, unlike the Introduction to Humanitarian Translation, do not have certificates associated with them, but congratulations on finishing both courses! :medal_sports: