Subtitling Course

Hi, I’d like to know if this course is available because it is not appearing any content only the Topics, thanks.

Hello peer, you should find the course here,


Hi Iris - I’m trying to access the Subtitling Course, but the page keeps asking me to log in (again?) and then won’t accept my TWB login details. Do I need to create another account to access the training materials? Thanks!


First of all, thanks for talking about that course (I didn’t know it was there). By the way, it might still be in “making of” mode, since I don’t see any materials whatsoever…As to your login, you might need to create another account (specific to

Got it, thanks a lot!

Hi @Iris,

I guess the Subtitling course is still in the making process? Still can’t see any content, just the Topic links. I ask again just because your last answer was a couple months ago.



Hey, sorry for the late answer. Yep the links are still there, without any content.


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Hi @Daniela08 and @Iris! Yes, the subtitling course is still in progress, we will certainly update the community once it becomes available :sparkles:


I have a problem getting the certificate of the training course on humanitarian interpretation and the training course on humanitarian translation although I finished the test and got the grades of all their elements. In the training course on humanitarian translation also, I can not find the calculated weight of each item in the user report so what does that mean? and how can I close the course and get my certificate as happened with the other course “Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for Kató Translators”?
and thank you in advance.

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Hi @Aya7, these courses, unlike the Introduction to Humanitarian Translation, do not have certificates associated with them, but congratulations on finishing both courses! :medal_sports:

Good evening, everyone :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :star2:

Just found out about this course. Is it still in progress?

Thank you very much! :heart:

Have a great week! :slight_smile:


Hi @andfraz :blush:
You know all the hidden corners of Kató Community, don’t you? :smile:
@ambra @Manuel can you help?


Its potentially very exciting that she does :grin:


Hello! I just checked and it seems the course is closed and empty (no modules or sections). Not sure what was its purpose when it was created, I think it was something done by the UCL so maybe @Dona has more ideas?


Hi everyone! I also don’t have info about it, however, INTERACT has an online open course on crisis translation available here.

Hopefully, it will be of interest to you!

Wishing you a nice week ahead!



Good afternoon, everyone :sun_with_face:

Thank you so much for your answers :slight_smile: :heart:

I just like to learn as much as I can by browsing reading as many threads as possible. Sometimes one finds / finds out interesting things like this course.

It’s a pity the course is now closed, though. I need to develop subtitling skills :grin:

Thank you very much for sharing with us the course on crisis translation, @Dona. I’ll definitely have a look at it as soon as I have some spare time. :smiley:

Have a great Monday, @_carolina, @Avellana, @ambra and @Dona (and everyone else reading too). :slight_smile:


Hello, I am Sarah Ibrahim. I applied as a translator volunteer and I received a translation task and I deliver it to you . But I didn’t get any translation task after this mission . So , can you help me to get another task? Thanks in advance


Hi @Sarah_Ibrahim,

I hope you are doing well!

Welcome first of all to the community!
Are you a Kato verified translator? Non Kato verified translators don’t receive much tasks as the verified once!

We currently have two testing systems. If your language pair is in the list below you can take a test in Kató Platform (see instructions below). If your language pair isn’t in this list, you can take a test in our [

:bookmark_tabs: Language pairs with tests in Kató Platform:
English to Arabic
English to French
English to Italian
English to Portuguese
English to Spanish
French to English
Spanish to English

To take a test in Kató Platform, go to your profile and click on the orange ‘Get Verified’ button below the language combination. This will create a test for you in Kató Platform and you will receive an email :email: with instructions on how to complete the test. The language combination must be listed in your profile for the button to appear.

Once you click on the button, please wait a couple of minutes for the page to refresh. If you need assistance, please contact
What is the combination you wuold like to take a test in?

I just have copied & paste what’s written regarding this! :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!



Hi @Sarah_Ibrahim :wave:

Welcome to the TWB community :hugs: Thanks for your question, and thank you to @Dalia1 for reaching out to help!

I can confirm what Dalia has said, that Verified Translators do have access to more tasks in their language pairs.

Just to clarify, the homepage only shows tasks available at the time you are looking. If you cannot see any tasks in your language pairs, don’t worry. We post new tasks all the time, so keep an eye out :eyes:

You can also follow these instructions to sign up to receive email notifications when tasks are available in your language pairs :white_check_mark:

I hope this information is helpful, Sarah! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions :sunflower:


Hello, Miss Dalia . I hope to finds you well and safe also. I do not how to be a verified translator , so can you tell me how I to be a verified one . Thank you