Signing up for the TWB Platform email notifications

I received my last task notification like 6 months ago, and ever since i ignored that notification email, no notification email has been received ever. Even there are still tasks that meet my language perference in the open page, and no one has claimed.

Are there any potential system rules? Like once you reject the task you received, you will no longer receive the task in the future?

Indeed, i met the same problem as you did.

The system should be more flexible though.

hi @fengyang028 and welcome

i believe you can ignore as many notifications as you’d like and you will still get new ones

by the time you receive the email people may have already claimed a task or

the more likely situation is that there are no new tasks available

also more often tasks are available for verified users

but please do keep an eye out for other replies on this thread for your query


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Hi @fengyang028 thank you for joining us on the Kató Community and for your support! :star2:

I am sorry you haven’t been able to find tasks so far.

I have to say @soke35 is right and I thank her for her contribution to the forum. :clap:
Rejecting a task doesn’t make you any less eligible for upcoming translations.

I have checked your profile and everything seems to be working properly.

The thing might be that either there are not many tasks available or they have already been claimed by the time you enter the platform. :thinking:

Important note: There are more and more tasks been released for non-verified users as well :partying_face:, so not being verified shouldn’t stop you from getting tasks either.

I hope many interesting tasks come your way soon :star2: :hugs:


Thank you soke35, i find it helpful.

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Thank you Jessie, i find it helpful.

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Hi! I have been a verified translator for several months now. My task stream e-mails are set to “daily” but I have never received any notification on new projects in my language pairs so far, although I saw that certain suitable projects exist. Is there anything else I am supposed to do?
Thanks much,

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Hi @Paola_Olivieri :sunflower:

Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to TWB!

I am sorry you haven’t had access to tasks recently. I checked your profile and I believe that everything should be working fine for you :confused: maybe the new tasks are posted after the daily emails are sent :roll_eyes:

I’d recommend not only checking the emails, but also keeping an eye on the homepage :eyes: This will help you see the tasks available in your language pairs once they are posted. I believe that checking the homepage will definitely help you catch some tasks faster! :+1:

I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any questions :innocent:

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I have the same problem! I have been trying for quite some time now, and even tried changing language pairs - nothing works.

Hi @McKenzie_Owl and welcome to our community! :tada:

I’m sorry that you haven’t seen tasks in your language pairs recently :confused: I confirm that everything is working fine for you, only there are no tasks in your language pair in the meantime. The availability of tasks varies from time to time, but new tasks can be available in any minute, so keep an eye :eyes: on the homepage and the email notifications you may receive :email: Hopefully you find available tasks soon :innocent:

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Dear Aya,

I appreciate your response! I just noticed a task available in one of my language pairs. It’s unfortunate that I am unable to take it due to the deadline. However, I am pleased to find out that the system is working properly on my side!
Best regards, Olena

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Hi @McKenzie_Owl

Thank you for your kind message, and for considering the deadline of the task before claiming it :innocent:

As volunteers are expected to submit all work on time, they can still reach out to the responsible project manager to request deadline extension in some cases. If this happens in a task you’d like to claim in the future, you can find the email address of the project manager in the links of the project description or the forum thread as in the screenshot below.


I hope this helps! :dizzy:

Hello everyone!
I am Larissa, from Brazil. I’m new here and I’m having trouble finding tasks to translate. It doesn’t show any tasks from any language.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Hey @larissaveloso So sorry you have not access to tasks recently. Everything on your profile is working fine. The number of tasks received in a language pair usually depends on our Partners’ needs. But keep and eye out, something will turn up soon :grinning:


Thank you for your response! :grinning:

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hi @marina i activated my task stream notification for email but i am not receving any since many months ago
why it is that?

Hi @marina
I have also faced with the same issue and could you please helps me with.

Hello @Gebreamlak_G So sorry you have not access to tasks recently. I have double-checked everything on your profile and I can confirm that everything is working fine. The number of tasks received in a language pair usually depends on our Partners’ needs. But keep an eye out, something may turn up soon.

I have the same problem.

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Hello @avamanaa, and welcome to the community! :wave:t2:
If there are any tasks available for you to work on, you should see them in your homepage. Make sure to set your language pairs and turn on email notifications!

As @Chris_A mentioned above, the tasks stream depends on the Partner’s needs, so there can be periods of more or less activity.

Keep an eye out for new tasks! In the meantime, you can check TWB’S Translator’s Toolkit for more info on how to navigate and work with the platform.

Wish you a beautiful rest of the week! :hibiscus: