Network error


I have already translated the text, the status is 100% but whenever I try to download, it gives a network error. Why?


Hello @m.adriana.pequeno, thank you for your question. Would you please capture a screenshot of network error you mentioned?
Sincerely yours,


I can not capture the screenshot of network error because it only appears when it asks me where I want to save the text on my disk. After the transfer shows this error: Failure - network error


Hello @m.adriana.pequeno, are you talking about the project Cuidados Paliativos? If so, it looks 100% translated to me and you don’t need to download it - please just follow the instructions here to mark it as complete.

As future reference, when you have an issue with a project please use the corresponding thread project to leave your message (as you see it here). There is a section in the task called “Discuss this task in Kato Community” where you can easily find the link to the forum.


Thank you. Done! My file has been uploaded.


Glad to hear it @m.adriana.pequeno.