Logging into Kató environment

The different systems that make up Kató (Kató Platform, Kató Translation Memory, Kató Community) share a single sign-on (“SSO”). After logging into one of these systems, you may have to log in again when accessing another of these systems, but you don’t have to maintain separate credentials for the different systems.

Further, to authenticate, you can choose between:

  • Your existing Trommons account details, if you were a registered Rosetta Foundation user before the merger with TWB
  • Your TWB Workspace (ie. ProZ.com) account
  • Your Google profile

I am a new translators, which are my credentials?

To gain access to the Kató environment, please use the email address provided in your application form to create your account on Kató Platform (https://trommons.org/). On Kató Platform you will find many other translation projects matching your language combinations. As soon as you log in into Kató Platform, you will be able to see and reply to all topics and posts on Kató Community Forum.

I can’t authenticate with my TWB Workspace or Google profile

If you are a TWB Workspace translator and want to authenticate on Kató using your ProZ.com account or Google profile, you can do so only if the email address linked to your TWB Workspace account corresponds with the email address you provided when you applied to TWB. If the two email addresses don’t correspond, the system will invite you to apply again. In this case, please email us at translators@translatorswithoutborders.com and ask us to update your profile in our system. We will need to know the email address you provided in the application form as well as the email address linked to your TWB Workspace profile.

What is the relationship between TWB and Kató?

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Kató is the name of the translation environment we use and maintain at Translators without Borders. It consists of lightly integrated and customized instances of a set of open-source systems, mainly:

In addition, Kató contains a home-grown solution that allows for the recording of spoken translations, and we’re in the process of developing an open-source translation editor to support translating offline and on mobile devices; both also are or will be labeled as part of Kató.

We also continue to use the ProZ Translation Center (aka Workspace) for the assignment of those translation tasks that the TWB team manages on behalf or our partners.

Kató was named after Kató Lomb :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I find this platform very complex.

Can you say more specifically what you find hard to do in Kató? Logging in? Finding and accepting tasks? Actually translating? Our translators’ input will help us improve.

The user interface is not very intuitive, perhaps because the page is designed for computers featuring a touch screen which I don’t use.