It's the French Language week - join our webinars and contest

Translators without Borders is dedicating the rest of the month to connect with our wonderful French community :mega:

This is your chance to learn more about our work, win prizes, show your translation skills, and meet our staff and fellow translators.

:handshake: Here’s what on offer:

  • Participate in the French translation contest. The 2 best translations will win a prize. The contest will open on March 20th. You will have until March 31st to submit your translation and be the winner. Will it be you? :trophy:

  • @ValerieT , our French Language Associate, presented the updated French Style Guide. The recording of the presentation is here. Below also the French Style Guide and the slides that include all the helpful resources and materials shown during the presentation:

  1. French Style Guide

  2. French Style Guide Webinar - March 2021.pdf (2.2 MB)

  • :robot: Have you met Uji already? Uji is TWB’s first multilingual chatbot. Rodrigue, our Senior Community Engagement Officer for DRC, presented Uji and the DRC chatbot work. You can find the recording here.
    Here are the slides: TWB Chatbots French presentation.pdf (1.4 MB)
    Do you want to engage with Uji? Add the number +243844434444 and use WhatsApp to contact him :iphone:
  • Curious to hear more about our work in DRC? Jonathan, our Capacity Building Officer for DRC, presented our operations in DRC. Watch the recording and look at the slides to know more.

We will keep you updated on the agenda and on all the activities for TWB’s French Language Week. We look forward to having a great time with you! :hugs:


That’s a great calendar and a lovely way to celebrate today’s International Francophonie Day.

Just one question, am I right in understanding that there won’t be a Q&A session after Monday’s live presentation of the French Style Guide? Thank you!


Hi Marcella and thanks for your reaction. There will be a Q&A session after the webinar on Monday. Looking forward to it. Have a nice week end. Valérie


Sorry me again, where can i send a message for Valerie and tell her that her Webinar was fantastic and very efficient, got a new copy of the style guide too , many thank to all of you for this amazing French week, please let me where I can send this message :slight_smile:


Hi @Dany,
I’ve moved your message to the thread you asked for. I can also tag @ValerieT, so that she won’t miss it.
I hope this helps.
Have a lovely Sunday!


Hi faretto, many thanks for your help , have an amazing sunday :slight_smile:

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Hi Dany. Many thanks for your appreciation about the week, webinar and the style guide. It is nice to hear that the resources are useful. I will keep working to continue to improve them. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your support to TWB projects. :pray:


Hi Valerie, it is an absolute pleasure and an amazing adventure to be a part of TWB, I learn so much already, I met so many lovely people so far, I feel like helping the world who, in those unprecedent times, need it the most, many thanks for letting me existing :slight_smile:


As yesterday we had the last webinar, I wanted to thank everyone involved in the making of these presentations. They were greatly informative and knowing more about the projects surely helps put the translators’ work much more into context.

(Slightly off topic, I’m sorry) Is there a way to access a sort of archive/playlist of past webinars? I’m sure it would be a great source of information for all new volunteers. Thank you!


Hi @marcellaviale :wave:

Thanks for your message! We’re so glad to hear you found the presentations informative :raised_hands:

That’s a great suggestion too! We don’t have a playlist, however, the recordings of the webinars can be found via the links above :sparkles:


Thank you Marcella for your feedback. Merci beaucoup.

As @charlotte1 indicated, the recordings are currently available at the links above. I keep your suggestion in mind to see how best we could make them available for the future.

Again, thanks for your interest


@charlotte1 @ValerieT thank you both for your reply.

It is indeed great that the French Language week webinars have been saved for anyone who has missed them. I was actually referring to a wider playlist/archive of all past webinars held by TWB, where these could of course be added along with any future ones. I have seen a couple uploaded on the YouTube channel, such as this one

As a recent member to the community I find them to be one of the best resources to introduce people not only to a possible new industry, but also to TWB’s own work. There was a great symposium on humanitarian translation on the introductory course - having similar resources on the stories behind the projects of the organisation we are volunteering for is just priceless. But once again I apologise, as this might be a bit off topic.

Good luck to everyone who took part of the translation contest!


Hi @marcellaviale, thanks a lot for your message and for this very valuable input! :grinning:

I agree with you, having a sort of playlist of all past webinars available for all our volunteer translators would be excellent :100:

As you said, we do have some webinars available on the YouTube Channel, but we can surely work more to make it a better source of material for our volunteer translators, and we’ll surely take your input into consideration to do so :raised_hands: :white_check_mark:

I’m also tagging @ambra so she can also read your message and in case she wants to add anything :blush: