Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community

Hi @M_Celina_Barovero, I’m glad you managed to complete the course!
You should have received your Certificate of completion by email yesterday. You can also upload it to your profile :nerd_face:


Hi claudia,

For new users of the TWB system, it may happen that one jumps a chapter.

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Hello @Silvia_Mauri! I’m a little wondering why I can’t see anything in the “Certification and training course” (Profile) though I’ve yet completed the “Introduction to Humanitarian Translation” course. Does it simply means that course is not among training courses or certifications to be displayed, please? :roll_eyes:

Hi @lelimier128 thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

Well done on completing our course! :raised_hands: You will need to upload your certificate to see it in your profile :slight_smile:
You can do it by going to your profile, click on “Edit your profile details” that you see at the top right, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see “upload file” under “Other certificates”.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!


Hello! I have just completed the introduction to humanitarian translation course, I really enjoyed it i think it was very useful, Thank you! Iam quite new to everything but I hope i can help and iam looking forward to starting to work on translations with you, thank you again!

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I’m really glad you enjoyed the course, @elissa.cosby! :heart_eyes:

Did you already have a look at our Translator’s Toolkit? There, you’ll find all the information you need to get started with us :toolbox:

Thanks for your support, Elissa! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions :hugs:


Thank you very much Silvia! Yes, i have been looking at the Translator’s Toolkit, I am just getting to know things at the moment, i will reach out when iam unsure about anything, I am looking forward to starting to translate with you :heart_eyes: Thank you very much again for your help :heart_eyes:

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Wonderful! We also look forward to working with you, @elissa.cosby :hibiscus:


Sheik Omar Tunkara
Current address Greece Island Samos
Contact number±30-6943731696
Origin destination Gambia

I loved to work in the Interpretation sector develop Interpreting promotive intervention devolo my scientific and practical skills. I am fit with communicative skills and also speak Bambara, Mandingo, Wolof, Pulaar, Manika, Soninké-Maraka, Aku-Kreyo, and English fluently. Which enable me work efficiently and effectily either individually or collectively with a team or with the African community also this has given me the ability to be sensitive gender violence and other complex issues within the community and communicate effectively around these area… I have excellent knowledge and clear understanding of the current situation on Samos; including the challenge of the living conditions that patients Face as well as through understanding of the services. I had experienced of working with Interpretation service of Africa’s as a interpreter and vaccinator. I am enthusiastic person with the ability to learn and adapt quickly to new challenges and I am good to dealing with people also having ability of handling difficult situation and working under pressure.
It will be my pleasure to join your company’s, NGO or organizations for being the best and work as well as you recommended. To develop and improve my Interpretation skills as a Volunteer
Yours faithfully.
Sheik Omar Tunkara.

Date 25 February 2021; 22:42 Samos island


Hi @sheikomartunkara10, a very warm welcome to the community! :star2:

Thank you so much for your presentation, it seems like you are bringing some amazing experience to the table :heart_eyes:

We are very happy to have you with us! We work mainly on translation projects, but it’s not excluded that in the future we’ll also include interpreting projects :slight_smile:

I would also invite you to check our Opportunities section in the forum, where we post more translation and interpreting opportunities for our volunteer translators :raised_hands:

In the meantime, I hope you’ll find many tasks that match your interests :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks for joining us, Sheik Omar! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Thank you so much for your consideration
I am glad to be with you.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am always in a ready to be assisting with this languages I mention, Bambara, Wolof, Manika, Pulaar, Mandingo, Aku-Kreyo, Soninké-Maraka. And I can translate them in to English clearly.
Any information about this languages let me know I will be ready to volunteer!


Thank you @sheikomartunkara10, it’s really great to have you in our community :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, at the moment we only have Wolof among our language combinations; you could also add Wolof>English if you would like to work in this pair too :slight_smile:

At the moment, we don’t have available projects for Wolof, but keep an eye on our homepage :eyes:

If you would like to receive more frequent updates, you can edit your email notifications settings following these steps.

Thanks for your support! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with :sunflower:

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Thank you Madam Silvia_Mauri.
This languages I mention Soninké-Maraka is one meaning is my native, Bambara, Mandingo, Wolof, Pulaar, Soninké-Maraka, Manika, Aku-Kreyo and English fluently. Any company project NGOS or any organizations need Translator from this languages translatin in to English. Contact me I will be willing to participate.
Greece Island Samos.

Hi @Silvia_Mauri and y’all Transwibers!
Thanks for answering me, but is it for any certificate or only TWBs’?

Hi @lelimier128,
you can upload any certificate you deem relevant to your experience as a translator at TWB.
I hope this helps.
All the best!


Hi @lelimier128, I confirm what @faretto5 kindly said in the above message, the process is valid for any certificate you would like to upload to your profile :slight_smile:
Thanks and have a great week ahead! :sunny:

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I have completed the course, when i click for the final test, there is no any proceedings. What should i do?

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Hi @Peter1 and welcome to our community!
Have you followed the three steps listed just at the start of this thread?
I will copy and paste them.

In order to take the course, you will need to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account in our Moodle platform:
    Go to the platform 8.5k, click on “Log In”, create an account and activate it by clicking on the link provided in the e-mail you will receive. You will receive the email a couple of hours after you register, so please be patient :slight_smile: If you don’t receive your e-mail after 3-4 hours, please check the spam folder.

Please make sure to enter your full name during registration, as it will appear in the certificate.

  1. Enroll in the course:

Once your account is activated, you will be able to enroll in the course. Just go to the course’s main page, click on the clog symbol, and then on “enrol me in this course”.
Please note that if you do not enrol, the platform will not let you take the final quiz and you won’t obtain the certificate.

  1. Complete all sections, take the test and download the certificate:

Complete all sections, pass the final test and you will be able to download the certificate.
Note: If you do not have access to the final test, it means you’re not enrolled in the course. If that’s the case, refer to Step 2 above.

I hope this helps!


Hi @Peter1, first of all, welcome to the community! :star2:

I confirm the steps that our kind @faretto5 shared in the previous message, you can also find them at the top of this thread :wink:

I hope they help, but let us know if you still have any issues with the course enrollment :slight_smile:


Can somebody tell me what’s the difference between the course ‘Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for Kató Translators’ and the ‘Training course on Humanitarian Translation’?
Thank you very much :grinning: