I can't complete my task

Hi there! I just completed my first task, but for some reason I cannot push the “complete” button, it turned out that Q&A showed a problem in the locked segment, and this problem cannot be ignored. Is there anyone can help me unlock the segment? Thanks very much!!!

Hello @Renee !

You need to contact the Project Manager (PM) and they will sort it out for you :slight_smile:

To find out their email address, go to Claimed Tasks from your TWB profile, find the task, click on the name of the project (where it says “Part of”) and you’ll see the email address of the person who created the project.

You can also flag this issue in the thread dedicated to that particular project from this Community, by going to Claimed Tasks, finding the task and clicking on the link where it says “Discuss this task on TWB Community”.

I hope this helps,